Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Italian Postal System and Italian Fiore

LUIGI CHALLENGE: Two down, only 46 to go.

LAURIE IN ROMA: 15 days and counting!

Did I mention that Jason tends to lose things?

Since I was able to post all of Tuesday’s adventure in Agrigento late last night/early this morning, I don’t have much to report at this time.

The Italian postal system has been very efficient to date with mail arriving in California or Aci Castello in a tidy 7 days from the day it was posted. That being said it is still run by people, Italian people who bring a certain charm to this simple process. Yesterday I sent Laurie a postcard. The lady at the window said the stamps would cost 1.50 euros. As I dug out the correct change, she came to the realization that she did not have any combination of stamps handy that would add up to 1.50 euros so she did the obvious and just changed it to 1.60 which she could handle. Today I went back to her with four postcards to the girls at Rio Mesa H.S. and two more from Jason to Christie and his genatori (parents). An apparently simple mathematical task, 6 x 1.50 euros = 9 euros. It became quickly apparent that she could not do the math in her head and she, of course, refused to use the calculator that was sitting at her work station. The answer was simple, if I only charge the grandote 1 euro per postcard the answer would be an easy to figure 6 euros…SOLD! Or maybe Wednesday is buy two, get one free day, “I do not know”. It is this attitude that makes life so simple, fun and stress free in Sicilia, got to love it!!!

Brandon and Matt’s place in town has been dubbed “The Dorm” while we live at “Malibu”. The Dorm has a unique advantage over Malibu, internet access. If you take their elevator to the 4th floor, the 5th in American floor counting systems, and sit in the stairwell you get free internet access. Last night at midnight it meant sitting in total darkness with only the screen for illumination outside of Giulio’s apartment while the boys played Madden Football ’07.  Atlanta was beating San Diego when we left at 1:30 a.m.

Random Thought for the Day: After watching Michael Vick run wild on the Chargers in Madden ’07 last night, it hit me that when he is released from prison the Falcons should trade his rights to the Cleveland Browns. Just think of the marketing potential if Vick were leading a team whose main fan base is known as the “Dawg Pound”.

Football practice was cancelled tonight in favor of a meeting in the Elephant War Room to study the video tapes of last Saturday’s scrimmage. We all believe that the team needs to see what we are trying to coach them to do. This will be time well spent.

In today’s post I thought I would show you some of the fiore of Sicilia, enjoy!


mdantuono said...

A few years back during our travels to Italy, the postal system in Rome was having difficulty with a large backlog of undelivered mail. It continued to get worse so the only real answer was to burn what they had,{ would not want to have any of it stolen or misplaced }. Anything of real importance would be resent and they immediately cleared up the problem. Italians have a simple solution for nearly anything. MD'A

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