Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catania Architecture

LUIGI CHALLENGE: Luigi, I’m back! One day at a time, 47 to go.

LAURIE IN ROMA: 16 days and counting!

Quiet day, Jason joined the local gym in Aci Trezza and I had an orange marmalade cornetto at Café Solaire to celebrate his good fortune.

We walked around Catania and I took some random pictures of Catania architecture. One is of the our favorite Gelateria on Piazza Bellini that serves their excellent Bellini gelato, a mixture of ricotta with chocolate chips. I think this flavor is the best I’ve tasted to date.

Practice tonight was in a pouring rain but I feel MUCH better about our defense, we got a lot of things cleaned up and took a big step forward.

After practice, the four Americanos got together for a pizza, o.k., technically we had four pizzas, at the Jonio ristoranti. Good food and good times indeed!

Big thunder and lightning storm just hit as I am writing this post, free entertainment in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning.

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