Sunday, June 23, 2019

Venom Camp Day 1 and Dinner at Swito's Home

Saturday, 22 June, 2019

Venom Camp started this morning facing an uncontrollable tropical deluge of biblical proportions.

Adapt and change . . .

After months of preparation by
Brock, Bart and Enzo the
Venom Camp was now a reality!

 Bart addressing the
Campers and Staff

Introductions of Staff

Coach Steve Spagnuolo
tone setting

 Coach Manochino
adapting to the weather

Coach Rodgers meeting
with the Defensive Line

The weather started to let up so
we hit the field about 30 minutes late

If you have to warm up,
you might as well warm up to
BLARING music!

The Specialists
warming up

 WR Coach Mike Furrey
working on details

Coaches doing you some
last minute planning

Here come the Venom Campers

More of the Specialists warm ups

Coach Ted Manachino
setting the front for the
DLine and LBs

 Chicago Bears Line Coach
Shane Toub and his assistant

 Team Stretch


 With English DE Jai Jackson


Coach Toub going over line
fundamentals in Indy period

God only knows the point that
 I was trying to make

 Coach Spagnuolo with his DBs

QBs in Red, Offense in White

Defense in Black

Getting ready to work in groups

Team Offense vs. Air

Our OLine kicked ASS in this period!

Defensive alignment period

Looking sharp vs. air,
Get set Martino!

A Legnano Frog digging
deep for a ball

Now make the play

 Coach Manochino and his LBs

Bart being interviewed by the Italian
American football news media

QB Jack getting ready to . . .

. . . GO DEEP!

 A defender about to
make a great play

One-on-One Pass Blocking/Pass Rush
drill was INTENSE!

Coming hard and fast off the edge!

 Helmets off for cool downs

 The Duke

Skorpion Women's Flag team
were awesome today helping
wherever and whenever needed

 Jai Jackson may soon be a
Europe Warrior DE after the
day he had today

Between practice times called for
Cohibas and Prosecco

DLine Coach Jay Rodgers
getting in a little extra time with his
charges under sunny afternoon skies

WR Filippo Petrillo getting a rep vs. air

Europe Warriors III Reunion

Martino, Bart and I were joined by current Milano Seamen Alberto Garlaschelli and Nicolas Principi.

We were all part of last Summer's victorious Europe Warriors squad in a game vs. the University of Chihuahua in Mexico. 

Team Stretch in the afternoon

It really was a BEAUTIFUL day for American football!

QBs warming up

Working the OLine Leverage Drill

The best drill of the Camp for our big guys.

QBs about to launch another one

More warm ups under
the watchful eyes of the . . .

. . . Sacro Monte

Interesting cool down

The OLine got MUCH better today!

In the evening, we had been invited to dinner at Ivan "Swito" Raso's home.

Chef Swito hard at work

He was making pizzoccheri

It looked and smelled good,
and it was

Four hours of fun with Swito, Chiara, Baffo, Vanessa, Baffito, Stefano, Sara, Jack and Erica before, during and after the pizzoccheri made for a good night.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas . . .

The cousins were together again

Andy, Kevin, Jacob and Mike
at a Las Vegas Aviators baseball game

Two cousins who love
spending time together!

All in all, another GREAT day in Lombardia!

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