Monday, June 3, 2019

Recuperation Monday

Monday, 3 June, 2019

As I'm sure you can understand after our long weekend on the road to and from the Italian U17 Flag Football National Championship Tournament in Grosetto, today was almost a complete day of rest in the Villa Skorpion II for us both.

That was fine by me as I still had our last game video against the Canavese Mastifs to break down. For some unknown reason, the Skorpions did not get that video uploaded to HUDL until last Thursday afternoon and I simply did not have the time nor the internet access in Grosetto to do the job.

Besides breaking down the Mastifs video, I also had a lot of blogging to do to catch up on the weekend's events.

Funny that as I started working on the Mastifs video, I got a message on Facebook from the Matifs' photographer with even more great photos from our game last week.

#33 Masch had a great game for us
sacrificing his body often for
the greater good of the Skorpions
more than once!

#25 Basso breaking up a rare
Mastifs pass

#22 Mora and #33 Masch closing
in on the Mastifs giant RB

 Bringing down the big guy

#13 Martino Piazzi continues to do all
the little things required to be GREAT!

#27 Dylan is just one tough runner
who also pass blocks extremely well

#9 Stefano and #58 Swito played
at a high level vs. the Mastifs

 #51 Capo making a tackle after
an errant Skorpion interception

#21 Freccia played GREAT on
our Kickoff team

A Mastif Trainer using the world
famous Italian "Magic Spray"

The Big Fella tip-toeing the sideline

It was a good win to be sure but we must put it behind us and get ready for our Wild Card playoff game this coming Saturday at home against the Palermo Sharks.

Go Skorpions GO!

Reading Is FUNdamental!

A Jack Reacher thriller is
always a good read when you're
living abroad

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