Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Morning in Napoli, Afternoon in Ischia

Tuesday, 25 June, 2019

Even in the early morning hours, Napoli was SCORCHING!

Nonetheless, we had to execute our plan which was to get up early and explore this wonderfully chaotic city before our 11:00 a.m. B&B checkout.

After that, it would be on to our trip to the island of Ischia, about 50 minutes from Napoli's harbor by hydrofoil, for three days of vegetating by either our hotel's pool or down by the sea in a lounger.

But first, we had to see some more of Napoli's major sights.

Great statue on a huge roundabout
near our well located B&B

Impressive building at the next
roundabout up the street

As is always the case in Italian cities
large or small, a World War Memorial

First stop, Napoli's Duomo
built by importers French
Anjou kings in the 14th-century

The Duomo, a.k.a., the Church of Naples

A lion guarding the Duomo entrance

 The eastern sun bursting
through the Duomo's windows

 Who doesn't love a good
baptismal fount?

Doubting Thomas

That will be my pose for the next
three days in Ischia

 Looking Holy

If enough of us step on his tomb . . .

. . . it will wind up looking like this

Gold mosaics are always
a nice touch

As are ceiling murals

Two thin lions supporting the
Duomo's Main Altar

 The happy-go-lucky nuns who taught
me at St. Phillip the Apostle School
in Pasadena, California!

Again with my beach pose in
front of St. Andrew

 Is he giving us the finger?

That's MUCH more civil

I liked the Cardinal's red hat

Simply . . .

. . . AMAZING detail!

The most important symbol
in Christianity

Napoli's Duomo, a combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, was well worth the visit. Especially if you are into religious art done to excess.

Which I am.

We were off to our next stopping point via one of Napoli's more interesting streets known to locals simply as . . .

. . . "Spacca-Napoli"

The name translates into "split Naples" and it bisects the city.

 So many fun shops
are found on this street

Anybody need a Maradona statue?

 Nuns out for a stroll

 Buena H.S. Bulldogs fan in Napoli?

 Punch one if you need it
for that next earring

 Again with the Ischia beach pose

For some unknown reason, we walked into a random chapel that faced this reclining Neapolitan.

 Highlighting a hand

 Grand but I have no clue
what it represents

A bright, cheery tomb

Obelisk on a piazza

Another quaint shop

Napoli welcomes you
with open arms

The Revolution continues . . .

Creative way to beat the Sun's
brutal rays that will hit this spot
soon enough

What the . . .

. . . ahh, it is the façade of the
Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo

The façade of pyramids survives from a fortified 15th-century noble palace. It was turned into a church in the 16th-century.

It gives little clue as to the magnificent Neapolitan Baroque interior.

A monument in the piazza
in front of the Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo 

Baroque it is then!

As my Lonely Planet guide book puts it, ". . a gob-smacking blast of baroque that could make the Vatican blush . . ."

Loving the Cupola

Pensive AND Irritated

The Main Altar

We have just got to do something
about our ceilings in Camarillo's
Casa Contreras

 More tomb art


 A prayerful visitor

 Padre Pio is BIG in Italy

We had much more to see but were strapped for time, so we headed back towards our B&B. 

The Revolution continued

Just a random fountain
in downtown Napoli

We checked out of our B&B easily and caught the next hydrofoil to Ischia.

Ciao Napoli!

Mt. Vesuvius was dormant

Laurie wasn't


Our first glimpse of isola Ischia.

This is going to be sweet!

Why Ischia and not nearby Capri you may ask?

Americans tend to swarm to Capri while Italians go to Ischia.

That's why.

Porto Ischia lighthouse

 That bar across the street has
our names on it!

 An Ischia church

There are more to be sure.

The view from our room at the
Don Pedro Hotel


As I said, Padre Pio is BIG in Italy

After a refreshing dip in the hotel's pool, we headed down the hill to explore Ischia's port village.

We headed that-a-way

 Colorful mooring lines

A half liter of red and a Sprite
to create Spanish tinto de verano
and we were set!

 Laurie near the harbor entrance

 Here comes a car ferry from Napoli

 Just a relaxing spot on
the Bay of Naples

 Loosely translated as
"Asshole, Don't Smoke!"

I'm OK with that.

I agree 100% with this sign

No President Trump,
this is not what you think

You see Donald, in Italian a bimbo is a baby. They sell baby related items not porn stars.

 Our probable hang out for
the next two days on the sea

I got a haircut and a beard trim
here at Laurie's behest

It was a GREAT moment in Italian, cross-cultural relations.


Another Ischia church

Lemons are BIG in Ischia

Cool shop

 Ischia's World War Memorial

That's a lot of names for a small island.

Gesù at the top

Ischia island map

Ischia's famed
Nonna Surveillance Network
hard at work

Who needs cameras?

What a colorful island!

 Communal Thermal Baths

We may have to try one while we are here.

Sunset falls on Porto Ischia harbor

What a day!

Maybe this is why we were both
so ready for an early bed tonight?

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