Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ischia: Day Two of Our Island Vacation

Wednesday, 26 June, 2019

We opted for a day at the beach doing nothing at all.

As it turned out, we were really good at it!

 Laurie on a Don Pedro Hotel
balcony as we headed to the sand

Our hotel's breakfast was substantial for our nutritional needs. We were ready for an intense day of nothingness.

As we walked to the beach,
we noted this high-tech
roundabout in downtown Ischia

As good as the breakfast was at
the Don Pedro Hotel, I still needed
my morning fix of cappuccino at an
Italian bar

 Instead of my usual brioche, I tried
a Sfogliatella Napoletana

It was crazy good!

And so good for me too.

I absolutely LOVE
Mozzarella di Bufala!

That is pretty much all that this store sells.

Across the street from this store is the taxi queue. There are usually about ten or so taxis in line waiting for customers. 

People seeking transportation are always herded to the taxi in the front of the queue thus giving the drivers lots of down time between fares.

So what do many of the drivers do while waiting for fares?

Mostly gather in small groups
to argue about something, anything

No, wait, that is not a cab driver thing, it is at the core of most Italians come to think of it.

Busy street scene on Ischia's
Corso Vittorio Colonna

In another block or so, we made a left turn and headed straight for the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

 The Aenaria Beach Club
would be our home for the
next eight hours

Two lounges, an umbrella and
a small table were ours for
the day for a mere 15 Euros

There were over 20 of these private beach clubs as well as a public area along the waterfront.

Each club has its own colorful umbrellas to add to the ambience on a day where the temperatures was a balmy 89°F/32°C.

The view West along the
waterline from the
Aenaria Beach Club . . .

. . . and the view East towards
the rising Sun

At lunchtime, Laurie opted to grab a bite at the small bar about 30 meters from our lounges while I watched our belongings. She said her caprese salad and cold beer were wonderful.

When it came for my midday meal a little later, I decided to walk a bit for some much needed exercise.

It was about 2:30 p.m., the first thing that I noted was that the streets were virtually empty and that many shops and restaurants were now closed for siesta.

Wavy sidewalk patterns
intrique me

 They specialize in Zingara

What the heck is Zingara?

As it turns out, Zingara is a relatively new but quickly becoming traditional sandwich on Ischia.

I've got to try one tomorrow for lunch.

 A red artichoke perhaps

 This must have been the place
Marilyn had her hair styled
when she vacationed in Ischia

The mural above my table in the
small bar where I enjoyed a great
salsiccia and melanzana panino
that had a Sloppy Joe consistency

At the end of our long day in the Sun and
the Tyrrhenian Sea's refreshing waters,
a gelato was richly deserved

Once back in the Don Pedro Hotel and after a wild Mr. Toad-like taxi sprint up the hill from the waterfront, I opened up the internet to find hundreds of new pictures from the Venom Camp.

Our battery of Skorpion team photographers had had a field day of a weekend as it turns out.

Here are some of my favorites.

Laurie and Nency on Friday
night at the BellaVita Café

Someone, not me, had made our local Friday night flower vendor happy.

Lauri, Nency and the Chicago Bears
coaches' wives at Sacro Monte
on Sunday

Nency and Enzo

Laurie and Nency discussing how
best to get rose thorns out of your tongue

Nency, Laurie and Santa Barbara

With Robert Bloomhuff,
the Desio Hammers WR Coach and
Bears OL Assistant Coach Shane Toub

It was extremely wet on Saturday morning.
Niko Moruzzi
Star Skorpions Right Tackle
and back up Punter

He worked on his punting Saturday morning.

So Niko and Capo, when I play
the harp I really like to lean
back more than most

 Joey Fuentes OL of Spain's
L'Hospitalet Pioners

I first worked with a young Joey in Mexico City working with the Europe Warriors program in August of 2017. Joey was our go to guy if we needed anything done and he was good at his job.

In December of 2017, Joey was now a player for our Europe Warriors U19 team that played against Mexico's National U19 squad in a game played outside of Mexico City at the University of Chapingo.

It is obvious that Joey has worked his rear end off in the last two years and is maturing into a fine Offensive Lineman.

In our Inside Run drills, Joey got the first Dying Cockroach block in Venom Campo history.

Helping young Skorpion
Andrea Cicciomascolo with his stance

Capo, your Parole Officer
would like a word with you

All joking aside, Capo had a GREAT camp!

Where are we going for lunch, QB Jack?

It must have been a slow
news day in Italy

Laurie and I are both looking forward to more beach time on Thursday and a couple of Zingara panini too!

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