Friday, June 21, 2019

Prep Work Day for the Venom Camp and a Skorpion BBQ

Thursday, 20 June, 2019

It would be a two part day but both parts would certainly be centered around the Americans football experience.

 The morning and afternoon
were dedicated to prep work
for this weekend's Venom Camp

Each Camper receives a Camp
t-shirt, shorts and practice jersey

We needed to sort all of their clothing by sizes and then package them with the correct sizes for each Camper based on their requests when they registered for the camp.

I was in charge of the t-shirts

Some of the finished clothing packages

 Bart, Laurie and I took a
panini lunch break at Dorigo's

I only had one beer

On to the Stadio Franco Ossola
to continue our prep work

Meanwhile, at Skorpion Field,
our people were in the process of
moving field equipment
to the Stadio Franco Ossola

Capo posing atop our three-man sled

Our Women's Flag team
was still at hard work for their
big National Championship
Tournament on June 29-30
in Calabria
At about 8:00 p.m., the latest
Skorpion Team BBQ commenced

 It was a BEAUTIFUL night for an
American football BBQ!

The Gang was all here!

Still, some of our players felt
the need to workout

 Lots of fun . . .

. . . and LOTS of food!

Good times INDEED
with the Skorpion Family!

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