Monday, June 24, 2019

Final day of Venom Camp

Sunday, 23 June, 2019 

The final day of Venom Camp proved to truly be a BEAUTIFUL day for American football!

Blue skies and warm temperatures were the order of the day.

Our schedule for Sunday
is in the right column

First, two photos from Saturday's opening day of Venom Camp . . .

Flamboyant QB James Castle

He hails from Australia, plays for a team in Germany and traveled to Varese by car. He slept in his car Friday night.

If it is important to you, you'll find a way too get the job done!

The coach on the left is from
nearby Bergamo, the one on
the right is from England

It was great to have them both at the Camp as shadow coaches both helping and absorbing as much as possible.

Ali from England had a game this afternoon so he had to leave for home early this morning.

If it is important to you, you'll find a way too get the job done!

The Stadio was ready to Rock and Roll!

The OLine going through their paces
under the watchful eye
of Coach Shane Toub

WR Coach Mike Furrey
teaching details

 QB Jack was ready!

DLine working on hand placement

LB Coach Ted Monachino
working a tackling drill

More with WR Coach Mike Furrey

Even Coach Steve Spagnuolo was
in Hot Pursuit on this play!

Another LB tackling drill

Ballet in the Secondary

Nine-on-Seven Inside Run Drill

The Pit at Venom Camp

Getting PHYSICAL!!!

More of the same

MVPs of the Venom Camp
DB Saad Ali of the Legnano Frogs and
WR Filippo Petrillo of the Varese Skorpions

They both won tickets and sideline passes to the Chicago Bears vs. Oakland Raiders game in London next October!

At the end of the Camp we had some Offense vs. Defense competitions.

Skorpion OT Niko Moruzzi
won the pushup contest

Hugs after the pushup
contest was over

The Offense won this agility
race too

Skorpion RB Emanuele "Masch"
Mascelli won the L Drill to
finish the Offensive sweep of the events

Skorpion QB Mathias "Niño" Masini
won the accuracy throwing contest
featuring the two youngest
QBs at the Camp

Bears Coach Brock Olivo
had some nice things to
say at the end of the Camp

Here is part of Coach Olivo's
positive closing remarks

Marco, Giorgio and Enzo

Coach Toub meeting with
the OL one last time

QB Coach Dave Ragone and
his crew of gunslingers

 Coach Charles London
and his RBs

 Lots of HAPPY Campers!

OLine Group Photo

 Same guys, more manly

 Niko and Coach Toub

Capo and Coach Toub

Swito and Coach Toub

Great story!

At dinner last night, Swito pondered his future with me in a somewhat depressed state. He felt that he was falling behind to some of our good, up and coming Skorpion LBs.

What position to play next year? We left it unresolved last night.

This morning we needed someone to just fill in on the OLine as one of our players from Saturday could not be with us due to his team playing a game in Switzerland today.

Swito volunteered to help at Right Guard and had an amazing day! Both Coach Toub and DLine Coach Jay Rodgers remarked to me about what a great job he did.

We now have a new Right Guard!

And a happy ex-LB.

Coach Toub with Skorpion U16
OL Andrea Cicciomascolo

Andrea is young but willing.

The Bears Coaches with the
Camp MVPs and Competition Winners

Nancy Petrillo with the Bears Coaches

WR Coach Mike Furrey
with Skorpion Volo

 The Skorpion participants the
our first ever Venom Camp

The Skorpions having a good time

Niko with the Bears Coaches

The Venom Camp was simply WONDERFUL!

All of the Bears coaches and Kansas City Chiefs DC Steve Spanuolo were great teachers who went the extra mile in everything that they did to make this a great experience for the Campers.

I think that every player and shadow coach went home today better because of the experience.

Da Bears!

We had one final function to perform, hosting the Coaches and their families atop Sacro Monte for aperitivos.

The Coach's wives plus
Laurie and Nency

 Laurie on the Sacro Monte
Ristorante Terrace for aperitivos

 The view down the Sacro Monte

 Prosecco and munchies

What did Enzo just do?

What a GREAT weekend!

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