Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Rainy Monday Tailor Made for Working on HUDL

Monday, 10 June, 2019

Rain and thunderstorms were predicted for most of the day starting at about 11:00 a.m., so staying at home to work with our HUDL app to break down our videos was the order of the day.

First, I had to finish up viewing and critiquing the video of our 13-7 Wild Card Playoff win over the Palermo Sharks.

Once that was finally finished, I needed to start the process of preparing for this week's extremely difficult Quarter-Final Playoff match-up with the #2 seeded, 7-1 Cernusco Daemons on the road Saturday at 9:00 p.m.

We did need to run a couple of errands in the morning and, but of course, partake of a cappuccino and a brioche to start the day off right.

Nice article in the local Prealpini
newspaper about the Sharks game

Another nice photo from the Sharks game was also sent to me  via Facebook and got me to thinking . . .

#88 WR Matteo "Mozza" Mozzanica

I think that this photo captures the heart and unselfishness of the entire 2019 Varese Skorpions team.

Mozza is our top WR this year, currently tied for the #3 spot in DII's receiving rankings with 37 catches for 531 yards and five TDs in our nine games.

A diva?

Actually, NO.

He is also a Gunner on our Punt team and is seen here just after having batted a punt back onto the field of play just before it crossed the goal line. Other hustling Skorpions smothered the ball at the two yard line.

Earlier, on our first punt of the game, Mozza downed it himself on the one yard line!

On a later punt that the Sharks return man muffed, Mozza hammered him half way into the neighboring village of Binago to keep him from recovering the ball. Unfortunately, another Shark player did.

Mozza is a fun guy to coach and is a member of Italy's National U19 team and he is only going to get better.

FIDAF announced the sites and times of this weekend's Quarter-Final games.

Three on Saturday night and
one, in Roma, on Sunday afternoon

One of today's errands was a trip here
to buy another hammer

I thought that a couple of photos from our first Daemons game, also played in Cernusco, might be in order today.

We lost a classic back-and-forth battle in overtime, 20-14, to the Daemons back on April 6th

I thought both teams acquitted themselves well that night leaving all that they had on the field.

Is Stefano doing half of the
famed Italian "Franzini" move?

Lots of physical football on that
night during our fourth game
of the season

Playoff time is so exciting for the players, fans and coaches of all the clubs still active.

Saturday night should again be competition at its finest between two good American football teams!

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