Wednesday, June 12, 2019

More HUDL Time and a Good Playoff Week Practice

Tuesday, 11 June, 2019

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to work on many things related to Skorpions American football, mostly watching videos of Saturday's opponents the second seeded, 7-1 Cernusco Daemons.

But first . . .

. . . the always needed cappuccino
and brioche at the Pasticceria Marabelli

It was a good day to paint
this week's Game Hammer Award

This was on Facebook today
and I agree 100%

More photos from last Saturday night's festivities were posted on Facebook today, here are some of my favorites.

U13 Flag players Penelope and Simone
after receiving their medals in the
pre-game ceremony

 Emma joining in on the fun

 Fog machines are not
among my favorite things

But the players love them so we acquiesce to their needs.

#22 Andrea Mora has played
extremely well at CB this season
 #33 Emanuele "Masch" Mascelli
has been a big help on both side
of the ball this year as a SS/RB

#32 Cristian "Bumba" Bianchi just
waiting for the Fourth Quarter, a.k.a.,

We actually doing not teach
this tackling technique

 FS Manuel "Biondo" Bulgheroni
about to perform a WWF
"Atomic Knee Drop" on a Sharks RB

WR Martino Piazzi in the
open field

 WR/Gunner Matteo "Mozza" Mozzanica
blasting the Sharks punt returner
who just muffed this punt

 Tag, You're It!

 Andrea and Ceo
The Defensive Tackles

 Biondo on the tackle

C Gabriele "Capo" Di Stefano
giving the Sharks NG a hug

OT Christian Munoz with
GREAT blocking technique

Most of my day was spent analyzing the play of the Daemons on video tape via the wonderful HUDL app, a coach's best friend.

The Cernusco squad is big, physical, well coached and deserving of their #2 seed. We will have to play well to keep up with the Daemons.

Of the 19 teams in Division II, the Daemons are ranked near the top in these important categories:

Scoring Offense: #5, 27.4 ppg
Scoring Defense: #4, 13.5 ppg

Total Offense: #5, 289.9 ypg
Total Defense: #3, 180.4 ypg

Rushing Offense: #10, 103.5 ypg
Passing Offense: #3, 186.4 ypg

Rushing Defense: #2, 74.0 ypg
Passing Defense: #4, 106.4 ypg

In the evening at Skorpion Field . . .

Coach Bumba was working his
magic with his U16 team


The Prima Squadra was hard at
work after the U16s were done

We had a a focused, spirited, well attended practice tonight.

What more could I ask for from this season's Italian version of the Cardiac Kids?

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