Monday, June 17, 2019

Readjustment Monday

Monday, 17 June, 2019

The readjustment in attitude after the abrupt end of our Skorpions Prima Squadra began this morning in earnest.

No, we are not finished with American football this last month of our stay in Italy. We still have the Women's Flag team preparing for their National Championship Tournament in two weeks.

Additionally, the U16 Tackle squad is scheduled to start their fundamentals practices tomorrow night, while the U19 Tackle team will start up a week from tomorrow. Both of these teams  will start their respective seasons in September.

Speaking of our Women's Flag team, the seeding for the eight team National Championship Tournament was announced today. The top four seeds are #1 the Parma Panthers (9-1), #2 the Catania Pink Elephants (9-1), #3 your Varese Skorpions (7-3) and #4 the Busto Arsizio Tempeste (6-4).

It was a special day today in Italy . . .

. . . National Cannoli Day!

We have to get back to Sicily. No one makes cannoli like the Sicilians!

 Today's newspaper write up
of our Daemons game

More American football doings this weekend . . .

Varese's first ever two day Venom Camp
featuring the entire coaching staff
of the NFL's Chicago Bears!

 They will be leaving behind all sorts
of field equipment and footballs
for the Skorpions to use in future years


It was hot so we joined the multitudes
at the Gelateria Argentina for a break
from the Sun's effects


We stopped by the Vero Caffé
to buy some more espresso pods

Laurie loves her strong, strong espresso but even she was not willing to try the Black Death Coffee brand today.

In the evening I started one of my least favorite projects of most seasons, breaking down the last game film after a playoff loss.

It must be done, I just don't like the finality of it all.

I guess this is part of the deal when you sign an approximately 1,400,000 Lira a month coaching contract.

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