Friday, June 7, 2019

An Inclement Weather, Stay at Home Thursday

Thursday, 6 June, 2019

Yesterday's long day of driving, shopping and sightseeing along the shores of Lago Maggiore combined with tropical rainstorms today meant but one thing.

Stay at home to read and also to look at more video of this coming Saturday's Italian DII Wild Card game opponent, the dangerous #10 seeded, 3-5 Palermo Sharks.

Speaking of an upcoming contest . . .

Our Women's Flag team has a
big tournament coming up near
Bergamo next weekend

As I understand it, this is a seeding tournament for the Women's National Championship Tournament that involves all 11 clubs in Italy that field Women's Flag teams.

On Saturday, the Group A leading Skorpions (5-1) will play two games against Group B teams, the Trieste Ranzide (2-4) and the Parma Panthers (5-1).

Sunday's two game schedule for the ladies from Varese will include contests against Group C clubs the Palermo Mustangs (4-2) and the Palermo Sharks (0-6).

The only undefeated club at this point of the year is Group C's Catania Pink Elephants with a 6-0 record.

The National Championship Tournament will take place in Calabria, at the toe of the Italian boot, on June 29-30.

 QB Sofia and Center Tanya preparing
tonight for the upcoming Tournament

Even though their season has been
over for a few weeks now, our U15s
are still practicing . . .

. . . for the love of the game
it would appear

Same goes for the U13 team

QB Tommy firing a . . .

. . . BOMB!

One weekend you're the Defensive MVP
of the National Tournament and the next
week you are coaching up the Skorpions
newest player on route running

Volo, in red, exemplifies the unselfish nature of Skorpions football on all of our teams. No Skorpion considers themselves better than any another Skorpion. We are all in this thing together.

This attitude is what makes coaching in Varese so appealing to me.

Our last tune-up for the Prima Squadra
before we play the Sharks

It could be the last practice of the season if things don't go well on Saturday night.

We had another excellent session tonight with our players again giving a focused effort from start to finish.

What more could a coach ask for from his playoff bound team?

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