Friday, April 19, 2019

Wednesday Return to Milano to watch a Milano Seamen DI Practice

Wednesday, 17 April, 2019

Today was day number . . .

. . . living in Italy

Thus, I reached the exact half way point in my 2019 odyssey in wonderful Varese with the Skorpions family.

After puttering around the Villa Skorpions II in the morning, we headed out at midday with Milano again as our ultimate goal.

But first . . .

. . . we headed to nearby Bregazzana
to see their famed elephant
in the town cemetery

Fierce looking beast protecting
the tomb of local beer magnate
Angello Poretti's grandson 

On to Milano . . .

Michael at Milano's
Castello Sforzesco

In the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The famed El Scior Carera

The in place in Milano to criticize the government without reprisals back in the 3rd-century.

At the old city gate on
Piazza XXV Aprile

We were on the way to the Eataly store on this same piazza.

Eataly has GREAT food choices!

Fruits are good for you

Tomatoes are good for you too

Especially in a rich pasta sauce!

I think the green things are
part of the broccoli family

Hey, that's my Mother's name

We saw this at a 100 Montaditos tapas restaurant in Milano where we had a much needed snack.

Next stop was the purple Metro line's Tre Torri station.

Tre Torri means Three Towers.

One . . .

. . . Two . . .

. . . and Three Towers

They are located above the Metro stop.

The moon rising over a posh
Milano high-rise

We were headed to the practice field of the Division I Milano Seamen to see their Head Coach Mike Wood and watch several former Europe Warriors in action at their workout tonight.

Mike has been our Europe Warriors Defensive Coordinator in all three of our games in Mexico the past two years.

We entered the practice facility, but was it the right place?

It was indeed!

This Europe Warriors duffle bag proved we were in the correct spot.

With DB Nicolas Principi and
DL Claudio Nicola

Now a Seamen, Nicolas was an outstanding Varese Skorpion last year and played on the Europe Warriors squad last Summer in Chihuahua.

Claudio played on our first Europe Warriors team that played in Mexico City in 2017.

DB Alberto Garlaschelli,
DB Nicolas Principi and Mike

Both Albert and Nicolas played in Mexico in the Defensive Secondary on our 2018 Europe Warriors squad that defeated the squad from the University of Chihuahua.

Miked helped coach the Defensive Backs for the Warriors in Chihuahua.

It was time for our former players to change into their practice gear.

I watched the Offensive and Defensive
Linemen have at it

Zone blocking drill

Two big Offensive Linemen
in the white jerseys

Some hand placement,
pass blocking work

Nicolas, in blue,
in a one-on-one drill

This is a tough drill on a DB with no QB pressure or help from other players.

Head Coach Mike Wood
in the post-practice review

Good effort tonight by the Seamen. I was impressed by both their Offensive and Defensive Line coaches.

They have a good young coach in the Offensive Coordinator position too.

The trip into Milano today was worth it on many levels.

The Los Angeles Rams
2019 schedule was published today

Go Rams GO!

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