Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Hammers Week Work Monday

Monday, 8 April, 2019

Are you aware of the fact that in only . . .

 . . . more days our son Michael
lands at Malpensa Airport in Milano?

Today was a long day indoors at the Villa Skorpion II preparing for this coming Saturday night's home game against the 2-1 Desio Hammers.

HUDL is a coaches best friend

Using this great coaching tool, I started my morning breaking down our video of last Saturday night's Cernusco Daemons game, recording stats, awarding helmet decals and evaluating our play.

Despite the overtime 20-14 loss, we did lots of good things in the game as the video pointed out. First and foremost is that we competed for the entire game against a quality opponent.

If a team plays with great effort throughout a game, what more can a coach ask of his team?

Before breaking down the Hammers video of their 37-9 loss to the 3-0 Milano Rhinos last Saturday night in the afternoon and late into the evening, I took a break.

On this break I noticed that . . .

. . . nature is amazing in the way
it adapts life to its environment . . .

. . . that the Esselunga Supermarket
makes great looking desserts . . .

. . . and that Santa Barbara was 100%
correct . . .

I liked walking by the car on the right on my way into the Gelateria Dulce Argentina which Santa Barbara ranks as Varese's best.

The couple in that car with contented faces licking their respective cones of gelato made me believe that Santa Barbara was onto something here.

. . . three happy workers gave this
Gelateria a good vibe when I entered
it for the first time

I went with a small, two flavor cup for my first try at judging the Argentina's quality.

The Stracciatella, my go to flavor, was good, but the Cioccolato di Modica was absolutely amazing!

Leave it to Santa Barbara to give me yet another great dining tip in her home town.

After enjoying this Gelateria immensely, it was back to work.

I finished my breakdown of the Hammers video and sent the results to the team and coaches at 12:25 a.m. Tuesday when I was finally finished.

I slept well.

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