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Swiss Road Trip to Lugano, GORGEOUS Points North and a DII Update

Monday, 15 April, 2019

In only . . .

. . . more days Laurie is in Italy!

Mike and I were off early this morning as we had decided to add another country to his list of visited neutral nations, picturesque Switzerland.

Michael in Lugano, Switzerland
with Lake Lugano in the background

Two men with itchy arm pits . . .

. . . forced Mike to check his

New art work on display in front
of Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angioli

This church is famed for its Renaissance era frescoes.

Let's take a look.

The famed frescoes are

A closer look at the Crucifixion scene

It is Easter Week after all.

Is that a Skorpion on that shield
at the base of the Holy Cross?

An omen of something to be sure.

Last Supper scene with a friendly
apostle to Jesus' right

St. Sebastian having a bad day

"Wait, you think he's having a bad day,
check out the rash on my thigh!"

Fresco restoration in progress

Rich red colored tunic

Again, it's Easter Week

Pretty little angel eyes

In a turn of events, Michael
lit a candle for Laurie

Why all the pock marks?

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Lugano!

Cuba map in a Lugano
cigar shop

That seemed apropos to me.

A Swiss Hero

Mike in a quiet Lugano piazza

Spartacus with Michael

Spartacus had a strangely
formed mouth it appears


Spartacus was an angry
knife wielding man

Of course we checked out the fresh
fruit and vegetable markets

Appealing colors

Was it time for a café?

And a pastry perhaps?

Michael by one of my favorite
store fronts in all of Europe

It is Springtime in Switzerland

Beautiful Lake Lugano

Two Travelers

That awkward moment when you
discover that your dance partner
may be a bit different

More Lugano street art on display

Michael just HAD to see how
cold the water was

We were bound for that hilltop
in the distance in just a few minutes

It is called Monte Brè.

Artsy lakeside tree

Michael has never ridden
a funicular until today

At the base of the Monte Brè
Funicular Station

There is our EXTREMELY
expensive chariot to the heavens

The roundtrip fare for two people came to 50 Swiss francs.

We are in Switzerland to be sure.

At the top end of our funicular ride

Let's see, 933 meters is roughly 3,060 feet in altitude.

I thought we would be a lot higher up being that we were in the Swiss Alps.

Great vistas from atop Monte Brè

What a view!

Two Travelers posing again

Lots of recreation options
from this point

At our Gnocchi Feast yesterday, Edvin suggested that we come back from Lugano via a scenic drive along Lake Como's western shoreline.

So we did.


A random church steeple

Once home again after our great day out of the country, I checked the internet to find that I was now . . .

. . . a Meme

RB Ema Della Bosca having some fun. It is great to have him and Dylan Auriema back playing after they both missed our first two games due to injury.

This photo was on-line too
from Sunday's U13 Flag game

Skorpion Andrea "Il Veterinario" Maurizi is a tad smaller than at least a couple of the Cernusco Daemons he played against.

News from Las Vegas:
Kevin lost another tooth!

In the evening we headed into
Varese to meet with Nicolas Principi
for a drink and to catch up

Good Times!

Time for our weekly update on all things Italian DII American football related.

Only five Italian DII games
were scheduled this weekend

There are no DII games scheduled this coming weekend due to the Easter Holy Week.

DII's Week #8, the weekend after Easter, will feature the maximum possible eight DII games.


Group A

Group A Week #7 Results
Varese Skorpions (3-2) 35
Desio Hammers (2-2) 12

Milano Rhinos (4-0) 49
Brescia Bengals (3-2) 6

Palermo Sharks (2-2) 20
Canavese Mastifs (0-3) 14 

Group A Standings
1. Milano Rhinos 4-0
2. Cernusco Daemons 3-1
3t. Brescia Bengals 3-2
3t. Varese Skorpions 3-2
5t. Desio Hammers 2-2
5t. Palermo Sharks 2-2
7. Varese Gorillas 1-2
8. Canavese Mastifs 0-3
9. Busto Arsizio Blue Storms 0-4

Group A Week #8 Schedule
Saturday, April 27th
Varese Skorpions (3-2) at
Brescia Bengals (3-2)

Palermo Sharks (2-2) at
Busto Arsizio Blue Storms (0-4)

Cernusco Daemons (3-1) at
Desio Hammers (2-2)

Sunday, April 28th
Varese Gorillas (1-2) at
Canavese Mastifs (0-3)

Milano Rhinos (4-0)

Group B

Group B Week #7 Results
Verona Mastini (5-0) 56
Castelfranco Cavaliers (0-4) 27

Group B Standings
1. Verona Mastini 5-0
2. Padova Saints 3-1
3. Ferrara Aquile 2-3
4. Isonzo Sentinels 1-3
5. Castelfranco Cavaliers 0-4

Group B Week #8 Schedule
Saturday, April 27th
Verona Mastini (5-0) at
Isonzo Sentinels (1-3)

Sunday, April 28th
Padova Saints (3-1) at
Ferrara Aquile (2-3)

Castelfranco Cavaliers (0-4)

Group C

Group C Week #7 Results
No Games Scheduled

Group C Standings
1. Reggio Emilia Hogs 4-0
2. Roma Pretoriani 3-1
3t. Bologna Braves 1-3
3t. Modena Vipers 1-3
3t. Sarzana Red Jackets 1-3

Group C Week #8 Schedule
Saturday, April 27th
Bologna Braves (1-3) at 
Reggio Emilia Hogs (4-0)

Sunday, April 28th
Roma Pretoriani (3-1) at
Sarzana Red Jackets (1-3)

Modena Vipers (1-3)

The Adventure Continues!

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