Friday, April 26, 2019

And the Wet Weather Continues . . .

Friday, 26 April, 2019

Again with the rain today . . .

. . . and not a gentle rain
in the morning

Yes, that is a flash of lightning at the start of the video with some thunder towards the end.

Fortunately, it let up in the afternoon but for the most part it was another stay at home and stay dry day for me.

Enzo Petrillo sent me a couple of photos from the Pasquetta Monday BBQ at his home that I want to share with you.

 The Bald Headed League

 With Enzo and Nency's son Filippo

Filippo is a WR for the Skorpions U16 Tackle and U17 Flag teams. He is going to be a big time receiver in Europe for many years to come in my opinion because he possesses a great work ethic to go along with his size, speed, soft hands and jumping ability.

Now if we could just get him to come to the USA for a semester/year abroad to study and play American football in high school . . .

When I did take the bus into Varese once it stopped raining, I found this in a toy dispenser in a shopping mall.

 Our game is making progress!

But maybe our society isn't

I believe that there was a pro-Mussolini rally on Pizzale Loreto yesterday, the Liberation Day holiday.

After this execution, Piazzale Loreto in Milan is where the Fascist dictator's body was strung up along with his mistress Clara Petacci and some of Mussolini's henchmen for the assembled mob to severely abuse.

On a much happier note . . .

The Venom Camp is progressing with the Varese Skorpions as co-hosts with the NFL's Chicago Bears coaching staff serving as instructors on June 22-23.

Spread the word to any and all American football players throughout Europe per favore.

The weather for tomorrow's key Italian DII, Group A game that has your #7 ranked, 3-2 Varese Skorpions traveling to take on the #8 ranked, 3-2 Brescia Bengals at 8:30 p.m. calls for sunny skies and not a hint of rain in the forecast.

Go Skorpions GO!

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