Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Back to Work Monday, It's Daemons Game Week!

Monday, 1 April, 2019

There would be no joking around on this April Fool's Day for me, we've got a BIG game against the 2-1 Cernusco Daemons on the road at 9:00 p.m. Saturday night.

Thus, it was mostly a stay at home day watching more of the Daemons videos on HUDL trying to figure out how to slow down their potent offensive pass attack.

My conclusion, it will be an extremely difficult task against a quality QB with a good stable of receivers.

I also used the day to do three loads of laundry and clean the Villa Skorpions II just a bit during breaks in my video studies. It was a productive day on many fronts.

I took my usual morning break for a cappuccino and a brioche at the Bar Semaforo and perused today's edition of Italia's daily sports journal, La Gazzetta dello Sport.

 It looks like the NBA and the NCAA's
March Madness Final Four are ALL
about an Italian invasion of quality athletes

An announcement on Facebook today

The Europe Warriors will be assembling a U18 squad for a game next Fall. The exact particulars are still being worked out but it looks like I'll be involved in another great experience in late 2019.

You can be sure of one thing about this game. Wherever and whenever we practice and play, it will be a BEAUTIFUL day for American football!

Laurie passed this on to me
from her Italian I teacher

I can definitely use this most useful information to improve my stay in Lombardia!

GRAZIE, Laurie!

In the evening, I opted to head into town to have a beer at the BellaVita Caffé and catch up with ex-Skorpion/current Milano Seamen FS/SS/LB Nicolas Principe and with Skorpion NG Andrea Gorini who is on the DL with a broken thumb that has a pin inserted into it.

Nick works a few nights a week at the Caffé and Andrea owns it.

On my way to the Caffé from the underground parking garage, I walked through a now mostly deserted historic downtown core of Varese.

 The Bell Tower looks
good at night too!

I must be REALLY smart because I
found the lone spoon among
the forks with no problems

It was good to see Nick and Andrea, two good men, to find out how things were going in their lives.

It was another fine day to live in Italy.


David said...

So is April Fools Day a thing in Italy?

George said...

Oh yes it is! Pacio, I believe, as an April Fool's joke, messaged the Skorpions that Deshaun Watson would be at our Tuesday night practice (he was actually in Egypt), I wonder if that was why we had such a great turnout at practice?