Friday, April 19, 2019

Mike Hits the Road with Nicolas Principi and a Night of Varese Skorpions Football

Thursday, 18 April, 2019

Michael opted to accept Nicolas Principi's invitation to hang out today which gave me much needed time to work on our Skorpions next opponents', the Brescia Bengals, video breakdown.

Hopefully, Mike would stay out of trouble.

Mike at the Crosta family shop

Marta Crosta is Niciolas' significant other and her family runs this, for lack of a better term, Italian deli.

You may recall that Marta and Nicolas spent some time with us in Casa Contreras last Summer before, during and after Nicolas' Europe Warriors adventure in Chihuahua, Mexico.

 Why is Mike behind the counter?

What's he doing with that expensive
bottle of fine Italian wine?

The jig is up!

Just a joke thankfully, these police officers are friends of the Crostas and were having some fun on a slow crime day in Lombardia.

I met Nicolas and Mike for lunch at the Ripoli Ristorante in Varese.

They were not alone.

Pietro Limido, to my right,
 joined us for lunch

Pietro was an excellent TE/Slot for us last year but opted to join the Busto Arsizio Blue Storms this season.

Good guy!

Mike in black and Nicolas in white
coaching up our U16 Tackle and
U15 Flag teams

 Mike with the U16 Tackle team

U15 Flag team scrimmaging

Melissa, on Defense, hammered
Sammy on this broken up pass play

 Group photo of tonight's U16 Tackle
team and their coaches

Nicolas and Mike had a good time and provided many useful coaching tips to these youngsters.

Prima Squadra Offensive Linemen
on our Three-Man Blocking Sled

Good extention!

Let's watch our linemen
in action tonight

It was a good practice from an effort standpoint, especially when you consider that it was a bye week Thursday training heading into the Easter Weekend!

The current rankings of the 19 DII American football clubs were released today.

Remember, only the top 12 teams at the end of the Regular Season make the playoffs.

If the Regular Season ended today,
these would be the 12 playoff teams

The Skorpions moved up two spots this week to the #7 spot in this poll thanks to our solid 35-12 victory over the Desio Hammers.

These seven clubs would NOT
make the playoffs if the
Regular Season ended today

There is still LOTS of American football to be played, don't despair anyone! 

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