Friday, April 5, 2019

More Video Study and the Varese Urban Lake Street Food Festival

Friday, 5 April, 2019

Do you realize that in only . . .

. . . more days Laurie's plane lands
at Milano's Malpensa Airport?

Well, I certainly do!

I left my brand new Skorpions sweat pants in the coach's locker room at Skorpion Field last night, so I headed back there this morning to get them.

On the way back to Varese, I drove through the city of Malnate when I remembered that there is a full scale baseball field in Malnate that one sees next to the tracks on the Varese to Milano train.

I needed to investigate . . .

The Malnate Vikings!

Apparently they have baseball and softball teams in the Vikings program.

Nice field

I missed Opening Day

I checked out their website when I got home in hopes of finding their schedule but no luck, the Vikings website was last updated in 2016.

Malnate also has an out of the way church that dates back to the 1400s. I needed to see it.

Malnate's Chiesa di San Matteo

The chiesa's compact entryway

After taking this picture I turned around 180° to take this photo.

What a gorgeous valley scene
in full Spring bloom

Mountains in the distance with snow
after the last two days of rain in the
lowlands of Lombardia

 Stones and pieces of bricks were staple
building blocks in the 1400s

 Madonna and Child

The rugged back side of the Chiesa

I wonder off it was sealed off to
add some needed support to the wall?

I drove into Varese at about 1:00 p.m. to see if a highly publicized event was open yet.


Yes, Italy has gotten into the Food Truck Mania that has also swept America for the last decade.

As it turned out, they would not start selling food until 6:00 p.m. but I thought that I could still check out the trucks on hand and thus plan a strategy for my return in the evening.

 Hot Dogs for dinner?



These personal food favorites definitely stay on my watch list.

Argentine food is ALWAYS
one of my favorites too!

 I just liked the looks of this truck

 I wonder how a
Calabrese Hamburger tastes?

I do love Sicilian food

Another interesting truck that sells . . .

Patatas Bravas from Spain

Those sound good too.

I did come back here in the evening
for a great chocolate cannolo!

Ah, the Sicilian, culinary memories that this cannolo stirred in me.

My dining strategy was forming but I needed to walk about a bit to come up with my final choice for a main dish.

Wisteria is blooming everywhere
you look in the region

 A Memorial to the WWII citizens of
Varese who died fighting with the
Resistance against Il Duce's Fascists

There were 34 names of dead Resistance Fighters on the memorial's base.

Alpini Mountain Fighters hats
all over Varese's main pedestrian
shopping street

I love these hats with the long feather in its band.

 Some sort of artsy mirrors
had been erected in front of the
Basilica di San Vittore

So, I took a photo of my favorite
Bell Tower in one of the mirror's reflection

Yep, Easter Sunday is FAST approaching!

I would much rather
have some of these than those
chocolate eggs

Varese's Coffee Pod Store

We bought a LAVAZZA modo mio coffee maker here in Italy last year that I am still using. The official LAVAZZA modo mio coffee pods only come in pure coffee flavors ranging from super strong to somewhat outrageous.

Thus, last year we found a store in Tradate which sold non-LAVAZZA coffee pods which are modo mio compatible. The Tradate location was about a five to ten minute drive from the Villa Skorpion I in Venegono Superiore. This same store is now about a 30 minute journey from the Villa Skorpion II.

I bought five bags of hot chocolate, creme brule, cappuccino and nocciolino coffee pods in Tradate about three weeks ago after consuming about 40 of Laurie's hermetically sealed extra strong coffee pods that we still had from last year.

Thus, a couple of days ago when I looked out of the window of my C line bus on my way into town and saw this branch of the same company in Tradate now in my back yard so to speak, I wondered how I had never noticed it before?

I made a point of stopping in today to buy more chocolate pods only to find large yellow balloons decorating the outside of their building.

The reason? Today was their first day open for business at this new location.

I felt a lot better now about my powers of observation after hearing that news.

When I got home, I got back to work on HUDL.

No I wasn't looking at the Daemons tapes today, I was starting too breakdown the video of next week's opponents, the 2-0 Desio Hammers.

With a 9:00 p.m. kickoff tomorrow night and soon thereafter the Daemons-Skorpions game video to breakdown, I just felt I needed a head start with another game only a week away.

Mission Accomplished!

Finally, at about 6:00 p.m., I got on a C line bus to head back to the Food Truck Festival. 

The interesting adornments one
sees on the way to the bus stop

They were all open for business!

This one looked good

 Wine is always a good choice

 We even had a DJ playing classic
1960s and 1970s rock and roll
music atop . . .

. . . this massive truck

Beer is another important ingredient
in these Food Truck Festivals

The Argentine truck was BBQing
two rather large slabs of meat

 Paella always looks good but
I'm not a big fan of it

The Pirate Truck made me think
of our own Pirate, Ian Murphy

Rest in peace old friend.

As for my final food choice tonight, I went with the Meatball Family truck for five small, deep-fried meatballs and lots of French fries.

They said it was quite healthy if you just believed that it was.

And I did!

Full, I headed home but not before
admiring more of our fair city's architecture

Saturday, GAME DAY, is going to be a long one and I still had things to prepare for the Daemons game. Thus it was back to work when I got home after a busy, productive day.

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