Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A BEAUTIFUL Day for American football Yet AGAIN!

Tuesday, 2 April, 2019

Today marked my 75th day living La Dulce Vita in Varese since arriving to coach our beloved Skorpions in mid-January.

The calendar also informed me that there were but a mere . . .

 . . . more days until our son Michael
arrives in Italia!

 As this blogpost's title suggests,
it was another full day of
American football for me

Most of my day was filled with more video study of our next opponents, the 2-1 Cernusco Daemons. My conclusion is that they are a strong, physical and explosive team with a potent passing attack that will cause us problems to be sure.

As with all rankings of this sort, they cause
discussion and interest in the sport
whether you agree with them or not

Italy's DI league is represented three times in this inaugural EuroBall poll of the Spring.

The 3-0, two-time defending Italian National Champion Milano Seamen check in at #3.

The Bolzano Giants, also 3-0, are ranked #14 and the 2-0 Firenze (Florence) Guelfi, coached by controversial, former Baylor University Head Coach Art Briles, hold down the 25th spot in this poll.

Speaking of the Seamen, at last Saturday's U19 Italy-USA game, I hooked up with the Milano's Head Coach Mike Wood who also has been our Defensive Coordinator at all three Europe Warriors games in Mexico over the last two years.

We spent all of halftime and the Second Half together standing at the top of the stands as we watched the game and talking about just about everything under the sun imaginable about football and ex-pat life in northern Italy.

No big deal until tonight at practice when Skorpion leader Enzo Petrillo related to me an interesting story about my talk with Mike at the game being observed quietly by Enzo and Nency's daughter Emma.

Emma Petrillo
Star RB of the Skorpions'
U13 Flag Football Team

Enzo related that after watching Mike and I talk for a considerable period of time Saturday, Emma turned to Enzo with a worried look and made a concerned statement.

She said to Enzo, "Look Dad, George and that man have been talking for a long time but neither one is using their hands!"


Emma once again expressing her
concern to me tonight at practice
about Saturday's observed discussion

WOW, she uses her hands a lot in this clip, she must be Italian!

In the evening, it was back to Skorpion Field for three workouts. First at 6:30 p.m., we had our Ladies and U17 teams practices to attend.

Ladies scrimmaging

There were originally eight players at this defense oriented practice but one turned her ankle early in the evening. Thus, the squads' three male coaches stepped in on offense to be able to have the needed five-on-five scrimmage.

Head Coach Dario D'Adelfio needs
to work on his passing technique

Enzo Petrillo on the Hitch and Go
route vs. CB Arianna Donati

Enzo still has a little gas in his tank.

The pass happy U17s at work

That football sure draws a crowd!

At 8:15 p.m., it was time for the
Prima Squadra's training session

On Monday, April Fool's Day in Italy just as it is in America, Coach Pacio, who was with us for dinner in Bellagio Sunday night with Deshaun Watson, spread the word via WhatsApp that the Houston Texans QB would be at Skorpion Field tonight to join our practice.

Pacio knew full well that Deshaun and his film crew left for Egypt immediately after our dinner.

I can't prove cause and effect, but for some reason we had a great turnout tonight that led to a spirited, highly competitive practice that was perhaps our best one of the season!

Thanks Pacio. . . maybe.

With a tough game on the road Saturday night kicking off at 9:00 p.m., we needed a practice like this one!

Literally, 30 seconds after we ended the night's workout, it started to rain. Wanderlust Wednesday may be in jeopardy due to the inclement weather.


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