Friday, February 9, 2018

Of Archaeological Sites and Goal Line Offense

Thursday, 8 February, 2018

It's official, this morning the wi-fi at the Villa Skorpion was declared D-E-A-D!

What to do?

My favorite coffee bar to the rescue!

Papa Francesco and his bride Laura

The always kind and friendly owners of this fun little bar next to the Venegono Inferiore train station allowed me to enjoy my daily café and brioche for as long as I needed to get my internet work done including social media and email checks, block writing and the HUDL video breakdown of Tuesday night's Skorpion practice scrimmage.

After about three hours of work, Papa Francesco even made me a delicious calzone and a Coke Zero for lunch.

He refused to let me pay for the lunch portion of my day.

He is the "People's Pope" after all.

At one point, I think Laura forgot that I was working in the bar's back room and broke out into song in the, she thought empty, bar. When she finished I started clapping loudly and yelling "BRAVO! BRAVO!"

She laughed.

After I finished my work, I opted to stay local today and explore into some signs I saw the other day about archaeological sites in the area.

Monasterio di Torba

Nice Church

Same church different view

 Moss means old

I was told by the young docent at the site that they were actually closed until 3 March. She was only there today to oversee some workmen who were preparing to do some renovations to the site.

She did direct me to another site only a few miles up the road that was open today in the village of Castelseprio.

 I was on the right track!

The newest Batmobile?

The sites new headquarters

Time to roam a site that was originally built by the Longobards who migrated to this area from northern Europe and constructed these buildings between 568 A.D. and 774 A.D.

 Good benches today,
back then?

Old Basilica di San Giovanni walls

View to the Baptistry

Tall Basilica wall

Lots of rocks standing the
test of time

Colorful rocks are always
a good building tool

Thick walls

Someone's home a long time ago

Dressed marble doorstep
to that same homestead

The archeological park in Castelseprio was well worth the visit.

Striking building on the way
back into Castelseprio

 Castelseprio's War Dead Memorial


In the evening, we held our last hard practice before our first scrimmage of the season on Sunday at home against the Verona Mastini.

U13 QB

A good player but I don't know how much longer he will be with us.

You see, he is on Interpol's Top Ten Most Wanted list for various suspected felonies perpetrated throughout the Continent.

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

#1 QB Omar Passera
doing Drill Work

#2 QB Gianluca Arena
doing the same Drill Work

Body language Omar, body language . . .

Omar threw a nice TD pass on the last play of our Goal Line scrimmage tonight.

1st and Goal at the 10 yard line

Our scrimmage tonight was 100% Goal Line oriented and for the first time since I've been here, the offensive line blocked well, consistently well!

Kudos to OL Coach Leo Pozzato who continues to work positively and patiently with our young, inexperienced offensive linemen.

It made for a fun night for a lot of offensive players who have been struggling of late.

It also made one Head Coach sleep a lot better tonight!

I have to give one last shout out tonight to Giorgio Nardi who videos all of our scrimmages and then uploads them to HUDL for us to evaluate, GREAT JOB GIORGIO!

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