Monday, February 5, 2018

A Quiet Sunday Preparing for Super Bowl MONDAY!

Sunday, 4 February, 2018

Having miraculously survived Saturday night's Trattoria di Torba's food induced coma thanks to the very same incredible Skorpion team doctors who took out my stitches two weeks ago, I was ready for a quiet day of recovery.

A short drive in the country sounded perfetto!

I opted to start with a mini-exploration of the village just north of Venegono Superiore, Vedano Olona, where one can find the Skorpions Game/Practice facilities.

Great statue in a kid's park!

With a Power Pack to die for!

I loved Vedano Olona already!

Small, random chapel that . . .

. . . seats about 20 souls

Memorial to Vedano Olona's
War Dead

This side is dedicated to those who died fighting in World War I.

The back side lists the village's WWII casualties.

Another local chapel

Proud old building

Speaking of old . . .

Vedano Olona's BIG Church

Chiesa San Mauritio

A mean looking trinity go faces
above the Chiesa's side entry


Of the three big churches in the tri-cities area, i.e., Venegono Inferiore, Venegono Superiore and Vedano Olona, this one has easily the most impressive interior.

He is BIG in Italy!

Of course the Chiesa San Mauritio
has a corpse of a saint on view

My initial survey of Vedano Olona at an end, I had a hankering for a genuine Sicilian cannolo.

Thanks to Dario D'Adelfio, the Pride of Palermo and our standout Skorpions CB, I knew that about another 15 minute drive from Vedano Olona is the village of Olgiate Comasco.

There one can find the Pasticceria La Dolce Sicila which I knew would fill my needs. 

But what was this?

I was stopped just short of the Pasticceria due to a large children's parade.

No problem, I parked about a half mile from the parade route's start and about a mile from my ultimate dining destination.


Musically talented dragons were there too!

Lots of kids and some adults
donned costumes today too

Tiger Tamer

Witches were also on parade

Fearsome Dragon Float

And a Chinese dragon float too

I don't think that they were all
of Chinese ancestry

After watching parts of the fun parade and working my way through the assembled multitudes, I finally reached my destination . . .

A café and a connolo,
the world was right once again!

Fully sated, I opted to drive home to take a much needed nap before joining friends old and new to dine and then watch Super Bowl LII that was scheduled to kick off at 12:30 a.m. Monday morning our time.

But first . . .

Another hilltop chapel . . .

. . . with a roadside set of the
Stations of the Cross

The three hour nap was perfect, I was 100% re-charged and ready to watch the Patriots and the Eagles go at it in the wee hours of the Italian morning.

My heart was with the Eagles but my head said the Patriots.

Another great day in the Italian region of Lombardy!


David said...

You appear to have violated the One-Church-Per-Day rule.

George said...

In my opinion, a Chapel with pews seating less than 20 people is exempt from the One-Church-Per-Day rule.