Saturday, February 17, 2018

Long American Football Saturday

Saturday, 17 February, 2018

Our season opening Derby game against the Varese Gorillas is now only a week away and we only have three more practices until kickoff next Saturday at their home field.

Nice article yesterday in the local paper
about last Sunday's scrimmage
against the Verona Mastini


HUDL is probably the best invention for coaches ever!

Amongst its many features, HUDL allows us to breakdown game/practice video on-line, comment on each play to our heart's content and then share it with our players and coaches.

Today I spent most of the morning writing up our Kicking Game in HUDL's Playbook feature. All of our Kicking Game has been worked on in practice but it is also good for our Skorpions to see what they are supposed to do in diagram form.

We had about 25 players at practice this afternoon. The defense was well represented but offensively we had to rotate running backs in at the right guard position since we only had four linemen suited out.

Can you say inconsistency?

So now we have a two hour practice on Tuesday and another two hour session on Thursday before we play a game.

It should be interesting.

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