Friday, February 2, 2018

Another Beautiful Night for American Football

Thursday, 1 February, 2018

I'm starting to realize more each day that I'm not as young as I used to be.

In my past EuroBall coaching experiences, it was never an issue going hard day-after-day exploring the sights of my new surroundings by day and practicing at night.

This year, so far, not so much. I'm getting more in tune with going tourist and then homebody on alternate days.

Today was a homebody day in equal parts to the rain and my need for recovery.

I tried this Sicilian pasticceria today

It was so-so at best.

I worked with the U-13 QBs tonight

A challenge to be sure but they were coachable.

Senior QBs Gianluca Arena and
Omar "Lefty" Passera

Coaching these two tonight was a treat as they listened, worked hard and improved their footwork a lot in just one practice.

We had a good turnout at the Senior practice despite the damp, raw weather. Our Skorpions continue to give good effort at each and every practice.

The only negative was the occasional Italian penchant to have over-the-top drama arguments worthy of a play or an opera at Milan's La Scala.

It's a cultural thing . . .

On a bright note . . .

Our Merchandise Catalog
arrived tonight

 A Bargain!

Black IS slimming

A good deal as well

And there are many more things for sale too.

Let's see what tomorrow brings, after all it will be Ground Hog Day.

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