Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Rainy Leroy Merlin Day Looking for Hammers

Martedì, 6 Febbraio, 2018

Milano, we have a problem . . .

For the second consecutive day, the Villa Skorpion was experiencing serious internet issues.

Normally it takes about a minute to upload three pictures to this blog, slow by Camarillo standards to be sure but acceptable here in Italy.

For the last two days it has taken about 20 minutes to upload just one picture.

As if that was not enough of a problem, I am here to coach up the Skorpions and one of the main tools that I use to do this is the HUDL app.

HUDL allows me to analyze practice scrimmage videos and send comments to the players of my evaluation of their performances.

Today it took over half an hour for the HUDL app just to open and then another 20 minutes before it would let me see the first play of the scrimmage last Saturday.

Not good.

Hopefully we'll get it worked out and back up to speed soon.

I uploaded most of these pictures while using the free Wi-Fi at the Le Due Isole Caffé next to the Venegono Inferiore train station over a café and marmellata brioche.

It was raining all day today and I did not want to brave the elements any more than I had to with four hours of wet Skorpion Weather practice looming in the evening.

What to do?

Go shopping at Leroy Merlin
but of course!

Leroy Merlin is kind of a Home Depot meets IKEA kind of store found throughout Europe.

I have used them in France, Spain and now Italy to purchase items to motivate our American football teams.

Café and a Brioche in the store

I was about half way through the store but still had not found what I needed for the Skorpions.


I found what I needed, bought some masking tape and a couple of cans of red and black spray paint and I was a happy camper!

Shopping accomplished, I headed back to Venegono Superiore to check out a DVD (Captain America - The Winter Soldier) at the public library and just walk a bit since the rain had stopped momentarily.

I like the decorative
painting below the eaves

Cool Kids Jalopy

Rocking Horse and a Heart

The two hour U-17 and U15 Flag
practices went well

We had a good turnout for both of these teams, worked some fundamentals and then scrimmaged.

The underdog U15s did quite well against their elder brethren.

Our Senior team also had an outstanding turnout with almost 40 players in attendance!

It was indeed wet and muddy but the effort was good.

CB Stefano Granelli
is also a good kicker

We have a kicking specialties period scheduled 15 minutes before the start of every practice.

Our specialists usually start working out in earnest on their own about thirty minutes before the start of practice.


We will have the first of our two scrimmages of the season this coming Sunday at 2:00 p.m. local time at home against the powerful Verona Mastini.

We will be sorely tested I'm sure.

Compete Skorpions,

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