Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Short Trip to Varese and One Last Practice Before Our Verona Mastini Scrimmage

Saturday, 10 February, 2018

Before we start this post about today's activities in Italy's Lombardy region, let me give a shout out to . . .

 My California Blog Groupies
Paul Sabolic and Mike D'Antuono

Probably my ONLY two blog groupies . . .

I got a text message from them at their weekly Friday lunch meeting in Burbank. They were concerned about my lack of posting, unaware of the Wi-Fi issues at the Villa Skorpion the past few days and that I had posted three posts while they were dining.

Thankfully they were mentally stable after their ordeal.

Thanks to the Skorpions for getting my Wi-Fi up and running again better than ever.

In the morning, I boarded the train heading north to Varese for some shopping.

Flea/Farmers Market
next to the Varese Train Station

 Linens are always nice

 The produce looked fresh and healthy

Sicilian style bread!

More Produce

 Sun Dried Tomatoes?

This market is open on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

I'll be back!

Modern Mural

I got dizzy walking here

 Varese's Public Bike Share Program

 Political Parties trying to get the
word out with the national elections
now about a month away

 Who doesn't like a carousel
on a brisk Saturday morning?

 I wonder what's behind this door?

Oh, from 1571 until 1606 it was the
Convento di San Antonio

Today it is mainly a nice courtyard with old murals under the arcade of the old convent.

Angels are a good choice

 Again with the angel motif

You can't go wrong with Mary

It caught my eye

It was a good spot for a café

A little espresso always gets the blood moving in the morning.

This is indeed the city that I was
exploring today

Interesting Sculpture

Varese has lots of narrow,
pedestrian only streets

By the crest, it looks like a doctor
lived here at some time in the past

 Chiesa San Giuseppe

This 16th-century edifice seemed like just another nondescript church from the street.

 It did have an interesting door

But it was a feast for the eyes
once you were inside

I still haven't found a museum in Varese.

I'm getting a headache

 Me too!

Guarding the Varese Central Post Office

Once back in Venegono Inferiore, I searched for my first EuroBall XII haircut.

I was starting to look like a hippie.

 This one looked interesting

One doesn't just walk into this shop.

One has to ring the doorbell, then they look you over and then, maybe, they will buzz you inside.

I passed the test.

The young lady on the right
worked miracles with my locks!

I looked good and felt good, especially after a head and face massage.

I was ready for Sunday's scrimmage at home against the Verona Mastini.

On to practice . . . 

We only had a one hour
walk-through on the schedule

Typical of this team, many were on the field working on their craft about 45 minutes before and after the scheduled practice times.

Skorpions Field IS home
to an American football team after all

 The field was drying out and looked
great with a set of freshly painted lines

 Reviewing and
Working on Fundamentals on a
BEAUTIFUL day for American football!

Hey Omar, can you hit that UFO
whizzing by on your left?

 Sure Coach, NO PROBLEM!

Gianluca had a REALLY
good day at QB today!

Now we need to see what Sunday brings to our beloved band of Skorpions . . .

Skorpion-Mastini Scrimmage
Sunday, 11 February
14:00 at Skorpion Field


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