Friday, February 23, 2018

A Slow Day and a Last Practice Before Our Season Opener

Thursday, 22 February, 2018

The day would start out slowly but it did begin with a good cup of espresso and a marmalade filled brioche at Le Due Isole Bar.

Gluten free biscotti?

YIKES! What in the name of Brian FitzGerald is this about?

Calico was not on Page 1 today?

No, the top sports story of the day had to do with a young woman from Italy, Sofia Goggia, who won a Gold Medal at the Winter Olympics in South Korea yesterday.


Speaking of sports . . .

The Italian DII season
starts this Saturday

 Your Varese Skorpions all play in a
Derby contest at the field of the
Varese Gorillas

Thus I had three last minute details to address.

A. Finish painting the Team Hammer

B. Finish painting the
Player's Game Hammer

C. Explaining our decal system
to the Skorpions via WhatsApp

These three tasks accomplished, I opted to drive about 15 minutes north of the Villa Skorpion to explore the city of . . .


Democratic Party Headquarters

Hitching a ride on a horse?

Malnate's industrial strength
basketball stanchions
Art Work supporting women who
have faced abuse,

Monument to Malnate's War Dead

Malnate even has a
baseball/softball complex

The baseball field is in the distanced the softball diamond is to the left.

An Italian Supermarket chain

Of course, the store's tiger icon has an apple on its head.

 Memories of the Camino de Santiago

 Memories of the city of Lucca

About ten years ago, Laurie and I visited Lucca which is near Pisa and Florence. On a quiet street, a lady was pushing a stroller towards us with, I would guess, a four year old in it.

Upon seeing Laurie's natural white/blond hair the young boy yelled at the top of his lungs "LAMPADINE!" as he frantically pointed at Laurie for his Mother to see.

In normal Italian, lampadine means light bulb.

In Italian slang, lampadine means blond, a rarity in this country to be sure!

One last practice before
the Gorillas game

First games are always difficult and this one will be no different I'm sure.

It was great to have Offensive Coordinator Gigi Bravin back in the fold tonight. He has spent the last two weeks with his daughter who has been battling some sudden, unexpected health issues.

Fortunately she is getting better but she has started rehab work and is improving at a good pace.


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