Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel Friday Trip to Grenoble

This Travel Friday took me on a 90 minute train ride southeast of Lyon to the French Alps city of Grenoble.

 Reflection at the Grenoble Train Station

Fort de la Bastille

It sits high above Grenoble's old city area, standing guard over the ancient capital of the Dauphine. The Isère River sits between the Fort and the city of Grenoble.

 Gondola to the Fort de la Bastille
crossing the Isère River

 Gondola Power Source

The city of Grenoble as seen from
the Fort de la Bastille 

Fort de la Bastille Archway 


The Fort de la Bastille is in the Alps and it is winter after all.

The Gondola Terminal 

 Museum of the French Mountain Soldiers

The Fort de la Bastille houses an interesting museum dedicated to the men who have had to defend France over the centuries in the rugged French Alps.

World War II

During WWII the Allies dropped materials like these to the Alpine Troops in their efforts against the Nazis.

 Alpine Mountain Forces Flag

Time to walk down a BIG hill

I decided to walk back to Grenoble rather than take the gondola. This choice allowed me to commune with nature and see the Fort from several different angles.

 Blue Parapet

Arne Saknussemm blazed the original
trail down the hill apparently


I'll take the Lion

Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard 

This statue is located on place St-André. Pierre Terrail was a French soldier who is considered the epitome of chivalry and one of the most skillful commanders and cavalry leaders of his times.

At the Palais de Justice

Crest Central

Café de la Table Ronde
Established in 1739

It is the second oldest café in all of France. Only the famous Procope in Paris is older.

Fondue Savoyarde

This fondue is a speciality of the Café de la Table Ronde.

Now I had lots of great fondue while living in Switzerland last year. Usually it was served in much larger portions, so I was a bit concerned when it arrived at my table which was not round by the way.

Then I tasted it . . . INCREDIBLY RICH!!!

What it lacked in volume, it more than made up for in taste. It was simply amazing!

Clock on Église St-André


Pierre Terrail's Final Resting
Place in Église St-André

 I'm Tired

Pietà Grenoble Style

Rusty Fountain

It IS Spring Training
in Arizona and Florida

Rock On!

 Aquaman with a Horn

Standing Guard

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of
the freeing of the Nazi Internment Camps 

The Diables Bleu Monument

The Diables Bleu is the nickname of the French Mountain Fighters that have defended this area for hundreds of years.

1968 Grenoble Winter Olympics
Flame Cauldron

Grenoble enjoyed worldwide attention 45 years ago while hosting the Tenth Winter Olympiad. Peggy Fleming won the only Gold Medal for the U.S.A. in Grenoble. The big star of the Games was Frenchman Jean-Claude Killy who won three Gold Medals all in the Alpine skiing events.

It was a really good but chilly day in Grenoble today. It was a very good way to spend this Travel Friday.

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Olivier R said...

Nice to see my old city on your blog Georges! Too bad the fantastic view on the Alps you have from the top of La Bastille was lost today in the fog. You will have to come back!! The Lion and Snake statue is one of my favorites in the city. The lion represents the Isere river and the snake the Drac river the two rivers that join each other near Grenoble. Les Diables Bleus (Blue Devils) were the nickname of the french alpine troops who actually kicked Mussolini's forces butt in the Alps in 1940 while the rest of the french army was defeated by the germans on the north eastern borders. The second football teamof Grenoble took this name as an hommage to those troops too.