Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Early Week Doings

After enjoying a good win on Sunday against the St-Cergues Bulldogs, on Monday, it was time to get back to work.

First up was four hours of practice on Monday night with our Cadet and Junior teams. That was followed by finally getting copies of game film from Sunday's game and taking a quick peek before going to bed.

Tuesday was spent actually breaking down the Bulldogs game video. As always, we saw some good things and also realized how much work still lays ahead of us before we can be considered a good team.

Defensive Co-Player of the Game
DE Remi Laurencon

Remi had a GREAT game on Sunday! He led our team with 10 Total Tackles (9 First Hits and 1 Assist) including three QB Sacks, two Tackles for Loss and a Forced Fumble. Here he is seen holding the post-game Hammer Award with lots of obvious pride.

Our other Players of the Game were:
Special Teams Player of the Game - Brice Rontet
Co-Defensive Player of the Game - Loic-Olivier Labrosse
Co-Offensive Player of the Game - Christophe Garel
Co-Offensive Player of the Game - John van den Raadt

We were balanced on Offense as we rushed the ball 30 times for 129 yards and passed the ball 20 times, completing 13, for 153 yards. Thus, we averaged a very solid 5.6 yards per snap.

Defensively, we held the Bulldogs to a total of 66 yards on their 39 plays, a paltry 1.7 yards per play. The defense was highlighted by five Tackles for Loss, four QB Sacks and a secondary that only allowed six completions in 16 pass attempts while breaking up five passes!

Our Neighborhood Boulangerie

When our time in France is finally over, people will ask me what I miss the most. Normally I would say my teammates and the wonderful people that I've met here.

Although I have met some incredible people here, truth be told, I am going to miss this boulangerie the most! The baguettes, croissants and pain chocolates are just fantastic and I love to eat something warm from here everyday. I hate that they are closed on Wednesdays.

Signs posted in our Boulangerie

Chocolate and Family . . . truly the basics of a sound and simple life plan.

"No, Remi, how do you really feel about
your game against the Bulldogs?"

The Local Hydroelectric Plant

I first saw this place a couple of weeks ago when we went to the ASVEL basketball game, it looked interesting.

Rhône River Water + Turbines =

Entrance to the
Ancien Cimetiere de Villeurbanne

Ornate Above Ground Family Tombs

I find these often centuries old cemeteries fascinating from both a architectural and family history perspective.



On Tuesday night, we opted to fore go a Senior practice to instead meet with the team at the stadium to review and critique the Bulldogs game film. It was a well attended meeting and the players were attentive in their efforts to learn from both their successes and mistakes.

Wednesday, John and I went to Sophie's Restaurant in the St-Just area to have a working football lunch meeting with Julien Urgenti. It was quite productive.

The rum based liqueur
warmed our spirits

As always, Olivier was our host at Sophie's. He was enthusiastic as usual and his father, Papi Georges, did another bang up job preparing the rabbit and the steak that we ordered.

John and I both really look forward to our weekly meal at this quintessential French bistro.

John the Baptist baptizing Jesus

This statue is located just in front of St-Jean Cathedral in the Vieux Lyon.

Shop Owners basking in the sunlight

It was a very nice afternoon indeed.

Flowers over a Irish Pub in the
heart of the Vieux Lyon

Saône River Walker

Saône River Bird Sanctuary

Notre Dame St-Vincent

I have walked by this church several times but I have never found it open.

Until today.

Argyle Pattern in Lyon

Notre Dame St-Vincent Organ

The Cupola

Communion Statue

How do you turn solid rock into lace?

Baptismal Font of the Day

Old Clock, New Day

Lyon Flatiron Building?

Another Fine Lyon Fountain

Looks Awfully Good

I was strong.

On Wednesday evening, we hit the practice field again for four hours of fun with the Cadets and Juniors. The Cadets have a big game against the Lyon Les Gones on Sunday while our Juniors do not have a game scheduled for a few weeks yet.

It was cold!

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