Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Affair of the Keys

Tuesday morning I was out of the sack and ready to roll bright and early. I was headed to Gare de Part-Dieu to buy a round-trip, First Class TGV high speed train ticket for Marseilles this Friday. My Senior Discount Pass cut the cost of the trip in half, thus my extravagance in moving up to First Class.

After easily negotiating the ticketing system, I decided top take the scenic route to the Place Bellecour. 

 Cool Notary Sign

The Old Public Hospital

A Government Building

 The Rhône River

It was just after I took this picture that I reached into my pocket and realized that I had two sets of The Villa's keys . . . mine and John's.

That meant that John was locked into The Villa unless he climbed out the front window or used the back door and then scaled the six foot patio wall.

Oops, SORRY!

Vanessa can you make it to Lyon?

In the evening, our Senior squad got together in the muck and the mud to participate in another highly competitive practice. Again, competition makes your team much stronger!

Bouillabaisse for lunch on Friday!!!


David said...

No wonder you have so much trouble finding and keeping import quarterbacks.

And we're all on pins and needles: What did he do?

George said...

He had slept in a bit late fortunately. He entertained himself until I got back to The Villa by cooking a sumptuous breakfast and watching some of ESPN America's creatively repetitive airings.