Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Little to report on Monday's doings, the main activity was buying one round trip TGV, high-speed train ticket to Paris and one one-way ticket from Paris to Lyon.

Why the second ticket you ask? Because after spending three glorious nights in Paris, I'm bringing my bride back to Lyon to share the Lyonnais experience for the rest of the Spring.

Details will unfold over the next few weeks.


While strolling in Lyon, I entered into an area that I had not visited before, time to explore!

Classic French Structure

Cool Government Building

What is that on yonder . . .

. . . Oh, nothing at all,
just another naked woman

Of course, a new neighborhood meant a new church to visit.

Église Immaculée Conception

Amazing Stone Carving

Done without lasers or computers

Interesting Patterns

Colorful Cupola

It's Him!

Frail Priest

Shards of Glass atop the Church Wall

How many lawsuits would this added built in crime busting concept cause in America?

And yet another
Classic French Structure


Nice Mural

In the evening, we held a spirited Senior practice in preparation for this Sunday's tough game at home against our crosstown rival Lyon Les Gones (1-2). We beat Les Gones in our season opener 21-7 but it was a real struggle against a tough opponent as it was 7-7 at the half.

Our only drawback last night was only having one defensive lineman at practice. Hard to improve under this circumstance.

As for Sunday's game, the weather reports for the rest of the week are for no rain or snow and a warming trend with a projected 50ºF at kickoff. The city should allow the game to be played!

Laurie soon . . .


Olivier R said...

George the statue of the priest represents a local saint, le "curé d'ars", Saint Jean Marie Vianney Patron saint of the priests. You can find statues of him in lot of churches in the Lyon area:

George said...

Aha! Merci as always Olivier.

David said...

Another new church? Clearly, you're keeping your campaign to become the next Pope in high gear.

George said...

Clearly this is no time to take my foot off of the gas pedal!