Friday, February 1, 2013

Thursday with Mary

It was Thursday, which means that I was due to meet Mary Robinson Hubert for the weekly Thursday morning AVF club at the. . .

. . . Louis XIV Statue in Place Bellecour

 This week the AVF Club featured
Pakistani-Indian Cuisine

Rehana Lafont 
explaining about the DELICIOUS
food that we were about to consume


Speaking of Food

This is one of Lyon's upscale food markets, doesn't hurt to look.

The desserts looked rich enough 

Some of France's official 350+ cheeses

 Veggies are probably good for you

Truffles . . . WOW!!!

At about $900 a pound, I guess I won't be trying these any time soon!!!

And I'm sure that they would have been "OH SO GOOD FOR ME!"

Sales All Over Lyon

The word "soldes" is French for sales. There are huge savings to be had all over the city. This store in the Part-Dieu Shopping Center was offering 50% off.

Not enough savings for you?

How about 70% off?

Signs like these are all over the city in nearly every storefront window. I even bought a nice Falcon Cardinal colored wool scarf  for a whopping 80% off!

 What no Soldes here?

Upon closer inspection of this Part-Dieu store, they were in the midst of a truly interesting soldes of their own . . .

. . . No REALLY!!!

Not sure how big of a discount that this really is but I'm guessing that it is a lot.

Thursday night's Senior practice was outstanding! There is nothing like competition to bring out the best in a team.

On Friday night, I have been asked to give a speech at the America House in Lyon about American football's status in Europe. Of course, this was set up with Sunday's 49ers vs. Ravens Super Bowl game in mind.  

I hope I'm up to the task.


Olivier R said...

Rendez vous at the statue is a Lyon trademark since the Guy ' s up there on his horse i think!

David said...

Is it good news or bad news that this soldes activity is before Laurie arrives?

George said...

A little of both I suspect!