Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Bubonic Plague Returns to Lyon

In 1564 the Bubonic Plague devastated the population of Lyon claiming the lives of about 1/3 of 60,000 inhabitants of our far city.

In 1628-29, the Bubonic Plague returned to Lyon with even deadlier results.

Lyon's 2013 Bubonic Plaque Epidemic

The reason for my lack of blogging the past few days has been the fact that I am, as near as medical science can deduce, Lyon's first Bubonic Plague victim in the last 385 years!

Some say that my illness is a cold or the flu that might stem from the last two plus weeks of two to four hour practices at night in combinations of rain, mud, subfreezing temperatures and snow.

I know better, it's the Bubonic Plague . . .

While currently confined to just one patient, me, everyone please light a candle to the Virgin Mary to save the city yet again.

No Snow at the Junior Practice
on Monday night

Working on our Junior team's
Pass Protection and Blitz Pick-Up

Monday night's two practices on Field Turf for our Cadet and Junior teams were in slightly better weather conditions as it neither rained nor snowed. It was chilly to be sure.

Similar conditions existed Tuesday night for our Senior practice but that field is still a mud hole from weeks of bad weather. The Seniors practiced hard again with the competition between our offensive and defensive squads being very intense.

Our Seniors really need to play a game as two postponed games due to weather means that we have now gone over two and a half months without playing a game.

Be careful what you wish for though as this Sunday we are schedule to play the first of those postponed games at home against the St-Cergues Bulldogs who sit atop of league at 3-0. 

Since we are the only other undefeated team the Sud Poule C circuit at 2-0, it should be a great game for both the spectators and the players of both teams.

I just hope to live long
enough to see the game Sunday


David said...

It's a little known fact that the treatment for Bubonic Plague is a two-week diet of nothing but Tête de Veau.

George said...

That's a LOT of mustard sauce!

George said...

His lack of weight scares me. I know he can give a BIG hit, but can he take one?

David said...

You think anyone is going to risk hitting him to find out?