Thursday, February 14, 2013

GREAT News from Italy and I'm Still Alive


If you recall, a few days ago I was saddened to relate that due to financial sponsorship woes, our beloved Catania Elephants after an amazing five years competing in Italy's top American football circuit, the IFL, would be forced to fold for the 2013 season.

The club was denied access to the less costly Division II, the LENAF, because their schedule was already set and it would be to difficult to make up a new one at this late date.

This morning as a lay on my deathbed, I received a missives via FaceBook and e-mail that LENAF had taken a harder look at the Elephants' appeal and saw fit to let Sicily's favorite eleven to join them for the upcoming campaign!

This news literally got me out of bed for the first time in two days, my spirits were lifted, my head cleared and I actually stepped out of The Villa in the afternoon.

This move means no import players or import coaches for Catania this season and a lot more travel by bus to several relatively nearby cities in the south of the Italian boot. All away games in the IFL's Division I required travel via always reliable Wind Jet Airlines since all of the other teams were located no farther south than Rome.

For more on Italy's Division II, LENA and the Elephants, click on:

As to the state of my health, last night marked the first time in 48 seasons of coaching that I missed a practice, two actually. It was Wednesday night which meant a two hour Cadet practice followed by a two hour Junior practice in cold, damp air again. I opted to stay at home to stay healthier for tonight's Senior practice and our big game on Sunday at home against the 3-0 St-Cergues Bulldogs.

Fueled by the news from Catania, I headed downtown for lunch.

Rust Never Rests

Chez Jackie

One of my favorite spots to dine in Lyon, I had not stopped in for lunch since returning from California. Today that streak ended.

Jackie's chicken in a cream sauce was outstanding!

View of the desserts from
my table at Chez Jackie

Nice looking desserts, but it is Lent and I was strong. Properly nourished, I decided to go for a stroll.

Winter on the Saône River

The Saône was high, moving quickly
and quite cold I suspect

St-Georges Church and the
colorful Vieux Lyon

Bare Trees

Little Lion Guarding a Door

Interesting . . .

I ran into this restaurant for the first time on my jaunt today. I will definitely have to try it out soon, it looks like a good spot.

River Serpent

Beats Me?

Last Practice of the Week

The hallmark of our practices all season has been the very competitive practices between players on both sides of the ball whether it was an emphasis on offense, defense or special teams.

Until tonight.

The defense dominated all night long, not giving the offense much room to operate.

Tonight we did not compete, we better on Sunday against the league leading, 3-0, St-Cergues Bulldogs. 

Sad News from SoCal

The creator of the world famous Manel Special Burrito has died.

I attempted to eat my first one in the Summer of 1968.

My life has never been the same since that fateful moment.

R.I.P. Señor Rojas


Laurie said...

Sad news about Sr. Rojas, but his "Specials" will live on!

Olivier R said...

doing my "perfectionnist" on more time the little "hat" in the name Saône is on the "O" not the "A".

George said...


David said...

Laurie, I didn't really figure you as the five-pound-burrito type.