Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Snowy Day in Lyon

Woke up on Thursday to a nice dusting of snow for our last day of Senior team practice before we travel to Clermont-Ferrand to play the 0-3 Servals this coming Saturday night.

The game may not be played as 10 inches of snow is predicted that day in Clermont-Ferrand according to our Offensive Coordinator Julien Urgenti.

Snow on our patio

Ice on leaves outside our front door

Light snow fell on Notre Dame Basilica

A Gargoyle at St-Jean Cathedral
doing its job

Mary and Cynthia at the AVF Meeting

Since it was another Thursday I met, as usual, with Mary Robinson Hubert for our weekly meeting at the AVF Club for foreigners living in Lyon.

Today we met Cynthia from Virginia for the first time. She and her husband Jeff have been in Lyon for the past four months due to his job working for Interpol. He is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and we are hoping to see if he can come aboard as a coach with us for the rest of the season.

A bit stark in Vieux Lyon today

This is supposed to be crazy stuff

Gourds in Vieux Lyon

I wonder what this man is thinking?

I couldn't help myself when I took this picture while walking through the Part-Dieu Shopping Mall today.

On a much more wholesome note . . .

Joanne and Paul Sabolic

Last Saturday I mentioned on this blog that I had met a woman named Marianne and her daughter Lucie at the America House in the course of giving my talk about the growth of American football in France. Marianne was looking for a family in America to host Lucie this Summer during June and July so that she can improve both her English language skills and her knowledge of American culture.

Within hours of posting this request, our longtime friends Paul and Joanne Sabolic volunteered. I could not have hand picked a better family to host Lucie.


Tonight's practice was awesome as well. The effort was good and the Falcon Weather was simply marvelous!

 Hey, it's snowing

A Tad Heavier

More Snow

Now we're talking . . .


Now, that was fun!!!!!!!!!

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