Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hall of Fame and GAME ON!!!

Jason Johnson
2008 Catania Elephants QB

Congratulations to our old Elephant QB who was named today to Touchdown Europe's Hall-of-Fame!

He threw over 50 TD passes for us in 2008 before moving on to Innsbruck, Austria to lead the Swarco Raiders to the 2009 Euro Bowl championship.

More importantly than Jason's physical skills were his non-stop positive attitude and desire to make everyone around him a better player and person. You could not find a better teammate.

To read more about this well deserved honor, click on:

Finally, for the first time since beating the Chambéry Aigles on November 25, 2012, the Falcons get to play a game on Sunday.

Oh, and what it game it shapes up to be!

Bulldogs Celebrating a Win

At 2:00 p.m. on Sunday at our home stadium, we will be lining up against the league leading, 3-0, St-Cergues Bulldogs.

The 2-0 Falcons are the only other undefeated squad in Sud Poule C, so this should be a very competitive contest to say the least.



itzbfitz said...

I'm convinced that your recent illness was the direct result of the goodbye kiss that My wife gave you the night before your departure from California. The Japanese flu is almost as deadly as the bubonic plague! And now, all of Lyon will have it!! Just another catastrophe caused by Koreen.

I'm excited that you will finally be playing a game. Will be waiting to hear the results. Best of luck.

George said...

Now, at least I know that I'll be dying with a smile on my face.

David said...

Congrats to Jason. I believe he has subsequently been named to the Frequent Flyer Hall of Fame, as well.