Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lunch and the American Club of Lyon


Friday John and I were invited to lunch at the home of Christophe Thuau who is the President of the Falcons. We were joined at the table by Offensive Coordinator Julien Urgenti and Running Back Brice Rontet for a fine dining experience made by our host.

Although the words "Lyonnais Speciality" were being bandied about, the food was delicious!

"Lyonnais Speciality" usually means that you are about to eat something that, back in California, you would only consume on a dare. I never did find out what part of the pig we ate but, whatever it was, was very good.

The five of us enjoyed each others company for the usual two hour French lunch. These people really know how to enjoy life.

EXCELLENT post meal cheese

The four or five cheese post meal ritual is so French and so good!

As is the after meal drink


 Speaking at the America House of Lyon

In the evening, I was due to give a speech at Lyon's America House. This establishment tries to improve all aspects of cultural relations between the French and the Americans.

On this Friday night of the Super Bowl XLVII weekend, I had been invited as an "Expert" to address about 30 people regarding the growth of American football in Europe generally and in Lyon specifically.

The staff was wonderful in getting me set up for my Power Point presentation. The presentation lasted about 40 minutes and I believe that it went well.

Several people said they would come to our next home game on February 17th against the St-Cergues Bulldogs.

I am also now charged with finding a host family for a lovely 18 year old woman for the months of June and July so that she can improve her English language skills and learn more about American culture first hand. Any takers out there?

Once back at The Villa, John made us dinner as we watched ESPN America and an old episode of NCIS. It must be said that John is a good cook and I am a good dish washer, a symbiotic relationship if ever there was one!


George said...

Happy to report that Paul and Joanne Sabolic instantly offered to host our French lass that wants to liver in the U.S. this Summer.

I have known them since college, GREAT family and they will be PERFECT hosts!

Olivier R said...

Now that you ve eaten a st felicien or st marcellin from la mere Richard, you re now officially a real Lyonnais!

George said...