Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scrimmage vs. the Palermo Sharks

Half a world away and I'm still taping ankles!

Enrico, our halfback, begging Davide for more carries before the scrimmage

Fortunato, "Call Me Lucky", one of our WR's embarking on his 23rd season playing for the Elephants

Eduardo, The future of the Elephants

This was our Italian female referee, Katrina, who worked the scrimmage.
Are all female refs named Katrina?

The Elefanti sideline always stays back for the refs to do their work!

A Sicilian down marker

Our foam filled sideline yard markers can also be used as pillows

Elefanti defense in black

Some of our players are superstitious

Four happy post-scrimmage Americanos

Player/Head Coach/General Manager Davide Giuliano and me in a giddy mood after the Sharks scrimmage

Saturday we had a scrimmage against the Palermo Sharks at the University’s grass field stadium. It turned out to be… “A BEAUTIFUL day to be playing American football!”

We each had two 15 play offensive series for a total of 60 plays plus kicking game as dictated by the down/distance/scoring situations for an additional 20 plays. Good work with a lot being accomplished and a few things being exposed as well. We gained a lot of confidence and our team really bonded as the day went on.

It was great after 33 practices over 63 days to finally go against someone different. We were pleased with the overall effort and the intensity of our play. The outcome of the scrimmage was just what we needed at this point with our opening game of the season with Milan now less than two weeks away.

On the way home we stopped at Cityper, our local supermarket for a few supplies. As I said, it was a very warm day and Christie wanted to buy some sun block because she did get a little sun burnt. As I walked into the store a lady with a fur coat buttoned to the top and a fur scarf around her neck, it is winter until this Thursday after all! Anyway, When Christie asked where to find the sun block in the store, they scoffed at her and informed her that they only sell it during the summer!!!

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