Friday, March 21, 2008

Nuns of San Benedetto

As I mentioned in my last post, The Church of San Benedetto was my favorite of the Holy Thursday churches we visited last night. The main altar in all the churches were dark and only one side altar in each church was lit up. The vlog below was taken in San Benedetto. Remember that this is the convent church of a group of cloistered nuns that has little contact with the outside world. Holy Thursday is the only night of the year that the public can enter their church. The only contact with the nuns last night was hearing them sing hymns with their angelic voices. They were located in the grated balcony at the back of the church at about the equivalent of a third story. They were barely visible which really added to the effect and sanctity of the moment.

The vlog below shows the lit altar in San Benedetto only but turn up your volume so that you can hear a little bit of the nuns singing.

Buona Pasqua! 

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