Sunday, March 30, 2008

Meeting My Italian Cousin

From the left, Isabella, Dario, George and Maria Clara
My Italian Relatives

I have a cousin who is one month older than me named Evangelina. She lives in Buenos Aires and I have not seen her since her family left Castro’s Cuba in about 1961. At that time her family lived with us for about a month before moving on to Chicago and then Argentina. That was the last time I saw Evangelina.

After the game tonight I met Evangelina’s oldest child, Maria Clara, her husband, Dario and their beautiful daughter, Isabella. They are a very nice family indeed. They very graciously bought me dinner at a very nice pizzeria, Rossopomodora. I think we all had a good time and I was very happy to meet my relative.

Now, what should I call her, is she my SECOND cousin? Those of you into genealogy give me a hand on this one. Thanks in advance!

I have relatives in Milano! 

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amada said...

Maria Clara looks just like Evangelina. Does she live in Milano? We were there just a short while ago. It would have been nice to meet her. She is your 2nd cousing since Evangelina is your 1st cousin. You and I are second cousins because we are related thru your father and his uncle, my father. How is that for confusion. If you have emails or contacts, let me know. I would like to invite them to the tree, unless you have done so already !. Amada