Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Quiet, Domestic Day in Aci Castello

Laurie and I have spent a quiet day of domestic bliss at Malibu. We cleaned, we washed, we went to the market (Cityper) and we went to the top of the castle in Aci Castello.

Practice tonight at 8:00 p.m. at the University facility for OL, DL, RB's and LB's. A little rain today should make the carpet softer. 

Laurie by one of Aci Castello's lovely courtyards.

Calcio Graffiti
Let me interpret this piece of Forza Catania graffiti for you.
"CT 1946" is the year the Catania soccer team was founded.
"Roma Merda" means Rome is Crap.
"PA=AIDS" means that Palermo's team is the equal of the AIDS virus.
The rest is Greek to me!

"Top of the World Ma!"
At the top of the castle with Aci Castello behind me.

Laurie enjoying her morning cornetto (plain) and cappuccino.

Laurie enjoyed the view from the castle too!

Sicilian Advertisement of the Day, seen in Aci Castello
This ad was outside a store that sells natural aromatherapy items. I tried to buy Laurie a tube of this intensive cream but instead she bought a bottle of lemon oil extract.

Aci Castello's newest bride was taking wedding pictures at the castle.
Brides are beautiful in any language or country!

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