Saturday, March 22, 2008

Elephant's Presentation Party

Good Friday night the Elephants hosted a party at Angiolucci's, a very high end sun glass company that has a very nice reception area with unique statues and drawings scattered throughout. Members of the press, team sponsors and members of the Mt. Etna Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Club (long time team supporters) were all there as the team was presented to the public one week before our first game in Milan. It was a first class affair that went very smoothly and pleased everyone.

It was also great to hear the announcement that 7 of the Elephants have been nominated to try out for the Blue Team, i.e., the Italian National team that will play in the next European Championship Tournament.

The Elefanti players nominated were:
WR Gregorio Barbagallo
OL Gilberto Cocuzza
SS Renato Gargiulo
RB Enrico Lombardo
WR Claudio Mangano
LB Gianmarco Pecoraro
TE Giuseppe Strano

Two Elefanti Hall of Famers
Current coach and former LB Matteo Belfiore on the left with
WR Fortunato "Call Me Lucky" Camarda

It was a casual dress affair

From left to right, Brandon, Matt, Jason and our great LB, who lives in Palermo, Gianmarco Pecoraro

Roberta and WR Claudio "Il Naturale" Mangano

Happy Elephants
Claudio, Valeria, Salvo, Lisa, Ika and Tony "Call Me Pony"

Number 48, SS Renato Gargiulo and George

Gianmarco and George

The Two Best Things About Palermo
Franchesca and Simona

Elefanti Coaches
Matteo Belfiore, George and Head Coach Davide Giuliano

FS Christian Di Mauro
I don't think Angiolucci's sells these models.

George, Matt, Brandon, Jason and Matteo
The boys showing off their brand new, sweet jerseys
That is "Mt. Etna Molten Lava Red" you're looking at!

Three boys from Texas, you can tell by the logos on their hats.
Tony, Matt and Monte

Matt, Davide and Jason

Christie and Jason
Christie was WAY more interested in all the sun glasses on display

I couldn't help myself, she just kept staring at me all night! 

With more Pink Elephants at La Chiave after the Presentation

Elizabeth from Wales is our newest international Pink Elephant with Christian and Gustavo

The Teatro Bellini hosted a Stations of the Cross display on Good Friday 

Giulio Romano, Elefanti fashion guru, grants a rare interview

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