Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy Social Weekend

Guglielmo, left, and Riccardo, Titziana and Salvo's boys, with the autographed Scott Fujita cards Laurie brought them.
They were still teling everyone at the BBQ the next day about these new family heirlooms! 

Titziana and Salvo are great hosts

At Sunday's BBQ, I ponder some of the martial arts tools that Salvo, the LB's, father owns

A Sicilian BBQ specialty, cipolata

Two hard core bikers crash the BBQ

The Elefanti on display

Three Pink Elephants
Laurie, Valeria and Christie

Ladies, check out these embroidered jeans for a heads up on this spring's Italian fashion scene

Daniela, our Head Coach Davide's wife, in her 23rd month of pregnancy with little Alessandro

On the left is Italy's newest Surgeon and Elefanti starting OLB, Salvo, with our QB and fellow Malibu resident, Jason

WR Matt on the left next to his baby brother Monte.
Monte's friend Tony, in the white T-shirt and Brandon on the far right round out the current Dorm roster.
Monte and Tony got into town yesterday just in time for the scrimmage.

Saturday night began a busy social weekend for us with a return dinner at the home of Titziana and Salvo, our WR. The food and hospitality were great yet again. Their two boys, Gugliemo and Riccardo, are great fun. Good family, beautiful home and better friends.

Palm Sunday brought us to a big team BBQ in honor of Salvo, our LB, who just graduated from medical school and is now a surgeon. The entire team was there and the food was incredible yet again. We must have been served a minimum of 30 different dishes today as they came out about two at a time. Sicilians don’t stand in lines at these gatherings, it is more like a defensive pursuit drill with every man for himself! If you are slow, you starve. I’m still quick enough and don’t plan on eating again until next Thursday.

The timing of the BBQ after yesterday’s effort at the scrimmage was perfect. Again, Davide has done a great job as General Manager getting a group of good, solid character players together and forming them into a family-like team.



steveswindle said...

George, looks like you are having an incredible time over in Italia....CIAO!! I'm reading your blogs after being turned on to them by Rick Scott's wife....we met as I was hobbling back to my truck after practice today at St. Bonnie..I am playing for the VC Badgers. As we were chatting, your name came up and she told me about this blog here I am giving you a shout out. I am a bit jealous....I don't know if I ever told you, but I too coached and even played over in Europe. I was on the Osnabruck Silverbacks in Northern Germany while stationed there during my Army time. So...I know that you are digging the cultural exchange and how much the guys just plain enjoy the game...very rewarding indeed.
The things you taught me at TO High back in the stone age were the basis of everything we did on the Silverbacks and we had great I know you are taking great care of your Italian boys too!!
Enjoy your is truly a blessing to live somewhere so very different and yet have a bit of our stuff to share. And remember, look up and say hi to Rick...I'm sure he is watching over you on the adventure the two of you planned together....he is there with you for sure!!
Keep up the posting and maybe we'll run into each other when you return to the States.
Ciao....Steve Swindle

George said...

Buon giorno Steve,

Thank you for the VERY kind words!

Everything is going great here, I'm having the time of my life!