Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Michael D'Antuono, Lucy D'Antuono and Caltanissetta

Michael and Susan D'Antuono are very dear friends of ours who live in Pasadena, California. I have known Mike for over 40 years since our days at the University of Washington. I promised him to visit Caltanissetta. This town is the ancestral home of the Rivisto family. Mike's mother is Lucy D'Antuono and her maiden name is indeed Rivisto. So, for you Mike, here are some photos of the old town center of Caltanissetta.

Caltanissetta, turn right

I have no clue exactly what this building in the town square is but I liked it's color scheme.

The Caltanissetta Duomo

Laurie in the town square proving we were really there.

Hot chicks were all over the place.

The countryside near Caltanissetta


md'antuono said...

George Lauri, Thanks for visiting the Caltanisetta for us. Can not understand why the family left. Who said there is no there, There. My sister wants to no if there is a Nordstroms in the town. think I may want to use the color scheme of the town center on my house. MD'A

Sabo said...

Any chance of getting over to Croatia?? No gelato but a lot of stuffed cabbage...


George said...

Think mosaics in any remodeling plans.

How about stuffed cabbage gelato?