Sunday, March 2, 2008

Film at Eleven...

At Laurie's request, her signature Brighton heart charm remnant

The weather today is simply beautiful but life isn’t. While driving in Catania on a very busy street with lots of people around at about 1:00 p.m., we were mugged in our car!

It was a classic move by the thieves. The two lane road had a bus coming at us that stopped to let off a passenger. A motorcyclist, who I believe now was part of the team, attempted a U-turn in front of me that he could not complete because of the bus thus blocking me from moving forward.

The next team member then opened Laurie’s door and grabbed her small purse that was over her shoulder. We struggled for a few seconds, the strap broke and he was off, disappearing with the third member of the crew into the streets. Leaving Laurie with only the Brighton signature heart charm rolling on the floor of the Nissan Micra.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and the purse only had her ATM card and the 200 euros she had taken out about 45 minutes earlier. Shaken yes but hurt no.

We drove straight to Davide’s office to Skype call the Bank of America and cancel the ATM card since my cell phone could not get through to any B. of A. phone numbers.

Thank God my old lady is a pretty tough old broad with a good outlook on life!!!


Gayleannie said...

I said take care of my sister!!
PS Lock your doors. Love you.

itzbfitz said...

OMG!!! Those crazy Sicilians chose to mess with Laurie? They got off lucky this time. Hey, you didn't ignore your mom's advice about borrowing money did you? Seriously, hope you weren't too shaken up. Look at it this way...there is now at least one Brighton accessory that Laurie doesn't own (anymore). Xmas shopping just got easier.

Anonymous said...

Tell me what your EMAIL is now. I sent one to spartancoach
and it came back.
Bill G.
Take care of Laurie!!!!!

DPLassen said...

I guess this is proof the Elefanti aren't "connected" ... Seriously, that really stinks but I'm glad you're both OK. And I now have one more reason to stick to my vow never to drive in Italy.

George said...


My e-mail still is spartancoach...

To all,

THANKS for your concern!

We are both OK and have moved on!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I cannot believe that happened! Poor Laurie! I am just relieved that Laurie is not hurt. Don't let this unfortunate incident distress you. Keep your heads up, and your purse and wallet concealed!!

George said...

No purses, everything that we do carry (now VERY minimal) is in our pockets.