Sunday, March 9, 2008

Christie Arrives and Another Visit to Taormina

Malibu is now complete! Christie arrived Saturday and she fits right in. After getting her home to work on her jet lag issues while we went to practice we had a nice dinner in Capo Mulini, a quaint seaside cove area outside Aci Trezza.

Today we spent the day at the resort town of Taormina, good times indeed!

We had another competitive practice yesterday and open up the season at Milan vs. the Rhinos three weeks from today thank goodness. This is our 8th week of practice and we NEED to play somebody soon.

The traditional Catania Airport arrival photo.

For a second I thought Jason and Christie adopted a French orphan in Paris!

Aci Trezza's Ode to Womanhood

Christie's new flat iron for hair we bought at the Cityper market irritates me for some reason.

Spaghetti al Nero, cuddlefish ink sauce.
I like to cuddle you know.

Christie eats her  first cannollo at Ernesto's

Suddenly another snowstorm hit Ernesto's!

First they were in Randazzo, now they are in Aci Trezza!

On the patio before  the drive to Taormina.

Hell if I know!

Kids in awe watching a painter at work

Taormina cannollo has incredible slant!

The World's Biggest Cannollo

Laurie and Christie with Taormina in the background

Taormina's Greek Theater with Mt. Etna in the distance.

Outside the Greek theater in Taormina

Nice garden in Taormina

This statue in Taormina is titled "Angels in Our Times"

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