Wednesday, March 5, 2008


If you ever saw the movie "Charade" with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, then you know why we loved this elevator in the Hotel Moderno in Palermo where we crashed late Tuesday night.

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paul petrich said...

Ciao Second Honeymooners!
Great reading of both your journalistic endeavors. I have to catch up on missed stuff. Just finished booking my itinerary, and your travel and culinary commentary really helps. .
I will meander down from Rome 26/06 to spend a week exploring Napoli and the Amalfi Coast out of Sorrento. On 02/06 I will be @ a hostel in Taormina, from which I hope to visit a Elephante practice? By o4/06 I will upgrade to 3 nights @ the La Dolce Vita in Cefalu'. Will take in the Elephante victory in Palermo, then stay 2 nights at the Agora Hostel in Catania. George, I hear there is a good pub there to help wash down any accumulated Etna ash after hiking the volcano? On the 9th I will be off toward Dubrovnik. I will be back in Rome June 27-31. Where is the big game that weekend?
BUO'N LUCKE vs Milano! Paul