Thursday, December 1, 2016

Last Full Day in España

Wednesday, 30 November, 2016:

One last day to pack, do some last minute things and say goodbye to friends.

We headed into town to start this final day in Arganda del Rey with a walk into the pueblo.

What the . . .

Looks like we're going
to miss the fun this weekend

 It's ALWAYS something
to do with Spain's favorite author
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

 A local checking out the
Christmas decorations on the plaza

Cool "dress" in a flower shop

Time for lunch at our favorite
Armanda del Rey bar
La Tertulia

 Dried peppers add atmosphere

We gave owner/cook
Maricarmen some
GRACIAS flowers

 La Tertulia from our table

Lunch was GOOD!

Laurie finishing her meal
as seen from a mirror

Armanda del Rey's
Old Cemetery Entrance

 Lots . . .

. . . and lots . . .

. . . of flowers

One last pass by our Metro station

And one last night of practice
with the Osos Rivas teams

We had good workouts with both the Junior and Senior squads again tonight.

Coach Jesús Sánchez said some
kind words on my departure

I listened and felt sad about
leaving this great group of men

 I appreciated the players
applauding after Jesús' words

 Addressing the team one last time

 The players honored me by letting
me break the practice ending huddle

"3-2-1, WE ARE ONE!"

With MLB Fran

With our linemen

With a mob

 With a bigger mob

With the DBs

Me with DBs?

After practice we met at a nearby
Chinese All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

For only 12 Euros you also get all of the soda pop, beer or vino tinto de verano you can drink.

I think they lost money on us tonight.

 Juniors at the Buffet

More Juniors

More Seniors joined by . . .

. . . Daniel Vilches
"The Noblest Oso of Them All" 

Alex and Mario
My two Go-To Junior Linemen

Senior Guard Marine

Adios Osos, until we meet again!

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