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A Copa de Madrid Game vs. the Coslada Camioneros

Saturday, 19 November, 2016:

At last, it was GAME DAY!

But before we were scheduled to go to the stadium, I had a couple of things to do in Arganda del Rey before the kickoff.

It was a chilly, overcast morning

Never saw this bench before

The bench was located in this
small plaza near the historical
Casa del Rey

The plaza had a
nice fountain . . .

. . . and a name too

Must be an important figure
in Arganda del Rey history

My first stop was the bank to use their ATM to get some cash for the weekend.

Mission accomplished, I realized that I was lightheaded. I was hungry.

A Churreria!


Porras, the delicious big
brother of the churro

Hot Chocolate too!


And quite healthy too it appears 

Commies in Arganda del Rey?

Last stop was this new Asia Store

I needed to buy a new, small notebook to use to record thoughts during the game. At .49 Euros, the price was right!

Which way did they go?

Rivas is against Domestic Violence

Who isn't?

Finally at the stadium, it was time for our season opening Copa de Madrid game.

The Copa de Madrid is a series of pre-season games between the various American football clubs in the greater Madrid megalopolis.

For us, it will be a series of great tests in preparation for the start of our regular season, the National Serie B campaign in January.

One of my big concerns going in was that being our first game of the season, we would undoubtedly make our fair share of typically first game mistakes.

The Camioneros, on the other hand had already played two games in the last month against the Gijón Mariners and the Alcorcón Smilodons, advantage Camioneros.

The Coslada Camioneros


YOUR Osos Rivas


Head Coach Jesús Sánchez
setting a pre-game tone before
entering the locker room

Juniors helping convert the field
for an American football game

 Osos Rivas President Enrique
Martín Alonso lining the field

I wonder if Stan Kroenke, the Chairman of the Los Angeles Rams, does this before each home game at the Los Angeles Coliseum?


Here our DB coach, Daniel, furiously erases a line that was placed in the wrong spot.

Juniors erecting our Goal Post

Meanwhile, at the other end of
the field, other Juniors figuring
out HOW to erect a Goal Posts

Iwo Jima, Part II?

The Game Field looking good

Pre-Game taping

Camioneros Warming Up

Osos Warming Up

Laurie ready to take a
whole bunch of game photos

The rest of the photos on this blogpost are hers.


Osos getting their pads on after
warming up

Pumping up Kevin, our one and
only back up Offensive Lineman

Due to an injury to our starting right tackle on our first offensive drive, Kevin would get to play a lot more than either of us suspected.

I thought that he played well, especially as a pass blocker. 

 Not the straightest of sidelines
but it will do for today

Final words of wisdom to our
offensive and defensive linemen

Pre-Game pass catching drill

#62, Left Tackle Turco
firing up the troops

European Pre-Game Ritual

In every European game that I have been a part of, the referees check to make sure that all players and coaches are officially licensed by the National Federation.

Each player and coach must turn in their National photo ID card or passport to the referees. This is done so that the referees can make a positive visual ID of the player compared to said National photo ID card or passport and reference it to the official roster of each team that the National Federation publishes.

This ritual usually goes on without a hitch and, I believe that it is a good one. It confirms that no ringers are being used and, also, that each player is insured as his dues to the National Federation include the players insurance coverage for the season.

I said usually because when it came down to the last person to be checked, it was me. I was indeed there physically, my passport was in the one referees hands but the other referee holding the official roster said that I was not listed.

Surely an oversight, the referee said no problem and added me to the list in his own hand writing.

Let the game begin!

Orlando Webb and I approaching
the game field

And here come our players

It was at about this time that the same referee that had added my name to our Official Roster sheepishly came up to me to inform me that the Head Referee had ruled, rightfully so, that if I was not on the official roster I could not be on the sideline. 


One of the members of the Osos Board of Directors approached me saying that the Head Referee was an over officious jerk. I said no, he is just doing his job correctly, the problem is with the Osos person in charge of the roster. He walked away after I said that.

A few seconds later, another Board Member offered to give me an unused Photographers Sideline Pass and a camera so that I could roam the sideline freely. I declined this offer as I saw it as a slap in the face of the Head Referee which could certainly not help our cause.

I was first told that I could be in the players' box but not outside of it with the coaches.

Later I was told that I had to be being a faint chalk line about seven yards from the sideline.

Eventually, the sideline referee told me that the Head Referee demanded that I must be behind the solid soccer field sideline a good 10 yards from our American football sideline.

I was frustrated to say the least.

 Jesús with some final
Pre-Game thoughts

Captains Out!

First Quarter:

Osos Ball: Our favorite team won the coin toss and elected to receive. Our return man, as is the custom, goes only by the nickname Michi short for Michigan as he is a Wolverines fans it turns out. He took the first play of the Osos' season to the HOUSE on a well executed 80 yard touchdown return. The PAT was true and the Osos had a quick 7-0 lead.

Maybe too quick. Part of me does not like it when we score this quickly to start a game as I have come to believe that we all to often tend to lose our focus when we get up so fast.

Michi is . . .

. . . G . . . O . . . N . . . E . . .


In the stands, Luna, Bere and Camila
were excited by the quick score

Camioneros Ball: We had great kickoff coverage to pin the Coslada team deep in their own territory.  A Three and Out was thwarted by a roughing the punter call. Three more plays and the Camioneros were punting again.

 Panama on the tackle

When I was still allowed in the box

I was soon told that I had to be behind that faint white line a foot behind me.


Osos Ball: Our top RB, Sandro, took off on a 40 yard jaunt to set us up in great field position. Eventually, we could not overcome a 15 yard penalty and this promising drive stalled out on downs at the Coslada eight yard line.

Sandro's big run

Typical first game mistake,
our QB should have kept the ball

Marco Chomón with the catch

Pinky with the block

Camioneros Ball: A 40 yard bomb for the Camioneros was called back due to a holding penalty but the blue team did gain some field position due to a couple of first downs along the way. Their punt to end the drive sailed into the end zone.

Timely tipped pass by MLB #3
Fran Sevilla

Osos Ball: A Three and Out, Punt series for the Osos as the Camioneros defense was playing well.

QB Ruben Cajas well protected here

 But not here during the very
definition of helmet to helmet contact

The First Quarter ended with the score Osos 7 - Camioneros 0.

Second Quarter:

Coslada Ball: Their drive was kept alive by a roughing the passer call on third down and a fine QB scramble on another third down. Eventually they attempted the first field goal of the game but it was wide right.

The Pit

Talking with our Offensive Line
while the defense was on the field

"Coach, the way we see it . . ."

Blowing up an attempted Coslada
Sweep Pass

Rivas Ball: Three and Out, Punt.

Smoother Him!

Turbo pass blocking

Turco is a large lad

Coslada Ball: Three and Out, Punt. Both defenses were playing well.

Rivas Ball: We were aided by a pass interference call but time ran out as we were driving.

My final resting place behind
the soccer field sideline

At the Half Time break, it was still a 7-0 Osos lead.

I did not feel good about this score as I thought that while we were in overall control of the game in the first half due to great Special Teams play and solid effort by the Defense, the Camioneros were only one big play away from tying up the score.

Third Quarter:

Camioneros Ball: Great Kickoff Coverage again, the Defense was still playing hard and we had a Three and Out, Punt. Wait a second, the Coslada long snapper launched one over the punter's head that went out of the end zone, SAFETY!

The score was now Rivas 9 - Coslada 0.

 Our Special Teams were
indeed Special today

Great Kickoff Coverage seen here.

 The Defense was still playing HARD!


Osos Ball: A great return out to the 50 yard line and some good slant passes were wasted as we stalled out at the Coslada 15 yard line on downs.

A fine Kickoff Return . . .

. . . goes flying by our sideline

Marco Chomón on the reception

Camioneros Ball: The blue offense finally got rolling and capped a solid drive with a 14 yard TD run followed by a successful PAT.

The Osos still led but barely 9-7.

Osos Ball: A Three and Out, Punt was further disruptive as our big Left Tackle Turco was injured and would not play again today. I had no other offensive lineman to turn to so we recruited our great DE Pardo to fill in with constant coaching from our LG Berto. Prado did great! 

I was also informed during this drive that a stadium official told Laurie, who was taking photos on the sideline much closer to the action than I was, that she was wearing the wrong kind of shoes for our ancient artificial turf that has dips, holes, line strips that rip out constantly and is, thankfully, due to be replaced with new, state-of-the-art artificial turf this Summer. She was OK for today but in the future would need to be wearing sport shoes on this fine surface.

At this point I thought I saw Salvador Dalí painting the landscape of our game in the distance.

Good Pass Protection

Camioneros Ball: Coslada's drive was helped by two dead ball 15 yard penalties on the same play on the same player.

The Camioneros were in the Red Zone as the Third Quarter ended with the score Osos 9 - Caminoeros 7.

Fourth Quarter:

Coslada Ball: The Camioneros drive that had started in the Third Quarter continued and was capped by a one yard QB Sneak for a TD. They faked the PAT attempt and went for two with a pass but it fell incomplete.

The score was now Coslada 13 - Rivas 9.

Rivas Ball: Another solid Kickoff Return was wasted as we turned the ball over on downs with out making a first down.

Coslada Ball: A quick 40 yard TD pass and a perfect PAT kick was heartbreaking.

The Camioneros about to tack on
their final point of the game

The score was now Coslada 20 - Rivas 9.

Another good Osos Kickoff Return

Rivas Ball: Another frustrating Three and Out, Punt as the Camioneros were sensing victory. Our punter launched a great punt to pin Coslada deep in their territory.

Coslada Ball: Proud of our never say die defense, Three and Out, Punt.

Rivas Ball: A spectacular 37 yard TD pass from Ruben Cajas to Marco Chomón eased our pain. We went for two and RB Barrena dove in for the score.

 Offense going for one last hurrah

Great block on the edge

That is our man Pardo with the 8 showing who, along with Kevin, filled in admirably today when our two starting tackles went down. Proud of their effort!

The Coslada lead was now down to 20-17.

Coslada Ball: The Camioneros recovered our last ditch onside kickoff attempt, then took a knee and the game was over.

Final Score
Camioneros Coslada 20
Osos Rivas 17 

As usual in a close game like this, the game turned on just four or five plays. Give credit to the Camioneros, they played hard, never gave up and made plays when they had to make them.

As for us . . .

Sometimes You Win,
Sometimes You Learn


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