Thursday, November 10, 2016

You Kidding Me, Right?

Wednesday, 9 November, 2016:

We awakened today and immediately went on-line to find out the 2016 United States of America's Presidential Election results . . .

Oh my . . .

Amazed, shocked, disappointed, skeptical, disillusioned . . .


Everyone in Arganda del Rey was
talking about Trump and what
his Presidency will mean to the world

I opted to think about
canned fish instead

After our morning walk, Laurie and I settled in for a day of rest and some time to breakdown Monday night's Osos Rivas practice video.

Finally resigned to the idea that Trump will soon be taking over the leadership of our country, I was off to two more Osos Rivas practices, Juniors starting at 7:00 p.m. and Seniors starting at 8:00 p.m.

Osos Rivas flag team receivers
working on hand placement basics

Osos Seniors had a long
scrimmage session tonight
QB Ruben Cajas goes with the RPO
on this called run play

Some old guy stumbled onto
the field to watch

Our Osos Offensive Line
Left to Right: RT Punky, LG Berto, that old
guy again, LT Turco, C Jack and RG Kevin

Our linemen are a joy to coach! They work hard, are coachable and bring a great attitude with them to each and every practice. There is a little meanness in them as well as they enjoy imposing their collective will on others.

The best thing for me is that when I'm with them I feel like I'm a size Medium. 

 Post-practice Offensive Line
meeting was a good one too
on this night of situational

I could not be happier working with the Osos and their thoroughly grounded Head Coach Jesús Sánchez. The Osos are simply a top notch group in all aspects.

Tomorrow night, it is back to
Guadalajara for a practice with
the incredible Stings

I'm sure that it will be a GREAT NIGHT FOR AMERICAN FOOTBALL!

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